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What Does a Promise Ring Mean? Is It Significant?

Wednesday, February 15th 2017. | Uncategorized

defining what does a promise ring mean to youThis last decade, the number of people who look for promise rings keeps increasing. The rings are considered to have a deep meaning. But what does a promise ring mean actually? Well, in a short sentence, it depends on the purpose of wearing it.

Usually, couples exchange promise rings before they get engaged. The rings for this purpose are also called pre-engagement rings. Two persons who exchange these rings and then wear them on their fingers commit or promise to get married in the near future. So, what does a promise ring mean for the person? For the person, wearing the ring symbolizes his/her firm commitment to live together with the partner until the end of the day. A marriage will be held on the chosen day. And is it significant to wear such a ring? Yes, it can ensure that the two lovers love each other.

What Does a Promise Ring Mean to a Girl

Now a day, you may find many teenagers wear promise rings. When you see one of these teenagers, you may ask: what does a promise ring mean for a teenage? Such a ring is commonly known as a chastity promise ring. It is worn by a teenage to represent that he/she is committing or promising to avoid making love until the wearer gets married. Usually, those who wear chastity promise rings look for potential partners. For their precious life, they want to be accompanied by someone that they love the most.

Two best friends usually exchange promise rings too. They exchange such rings when they are going to be separated. The cause of picturing what does a promise ring mean in a relationshipthe separation can be various like moving to another country or working at a distance place. By the way, what does a promise ring mean in this case? Well, it is a symbol for honoring or appreciating their extraordinary relationship. They want to keep together for a long time, but their situation requires them to separate. In order to remain of each other, many people opt for matching rings.

What Does a Promise Ring Mean From Your Boyfriend

Promise rings are also worn for religious purpose. Those who wear these rings want to show to other people that they uphold a faith. They believe in their religion and their God. In this case, you may wonder, what does a promise ring mean? It means very much for the wearer. It symbolizes that the wearer totally commits to believe in his/her God. People wear such rings until they get married. As we all know, after we marry, we are expected to put wedding rings on our fingers.

Those who have conquered addictions usually wear promise rings. What does a promise ring mean for these people? Such a ring can mean a lot for them. You know, conquering addictions is a difficult thing to accomplish. That is why they want to have a reminder that is able to warn them not to plunge into addictions again. Those who place promise rings on their fingers for the purpose commit or promise to themselves that they want to avoid addictions for the rest of their life.

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