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Wedding Ring Settings, Some of the Most Popular Rings

Sunday, May 14th 2017. | Uncategorized

find wedding ring settings onlyIf you want to get your best ring for the special occasion, it is necessary for you to know about the wedding ring settings. The settings of wedding rings are available in various options. However, this article will talk about some of the most popular settings merely. They include the bezel setting, the prong setting, the illusion setting, the bar setting, and the opening setting. Check out some paragraphs below to gather important information about these settings.

The bezel setting is one of the most favorite wedding ring settings among couples these several recent years. The bezel setting ensures the security of the centerpiece by surrounding it tightly. The best thing of the setting is that it can make your precious stone looks bigger. One thing you need to keep in mind when you decide to use this setting is that if the band is made of yellow gold, the yellow color of the metal will affect the color of the stone.

The next most famous setting of all wedding ring settings available on the market today is the prong. The prong can come in several shapes including the round, flat and v shapes. As compared to the bezel, the prong is stronger in holding the centerpiece. But, just like the bezel, the stone will also look larger in this setting. Nevertheless, it is important deluxe wedding ring settings for womenfor you to know that if your stone is small, it is better for you not to use too many prongs. If you insist on doing this, the beauty of the stone may be reduced.

Let us now talk about the illusion setting. What makes this setting better than other wedding ring settings? Well, the illusion one is able to reveal the beauty of the peak of your precious stone. This setting also comes in some styles. The channel is the most sought after now a day. This is because the channel allows you to ornament the band with some little stones. You can put small stones around the band. This creates an extraordinary effect.

Some couples prefer to choose the bar setting instead of other wedding ring settings. The reason is that this setting combines classic design and modern design. The right design combination will be able to amaze anyone who steals a glance at the ring. As the name suggests, this setting makes the best of the bars to guard the precious stone. Usually, the bar setting allows two big precious stones on the band. Sometimes, it looks like the channel.

The last popular setting to mention in this article is the opening setting. This is a new innovation in the jewelry world. Rings with this setting feature small precious stones that surround the band. These stones mask the outside part of the band entirely. Yes, the metal can’t be seen. Of course, if you want a gigantic centerpiece, this setting is not suitable. But with the small stones, your ring will look amazing. One thing to note, this setting is way more expensive than other wedding ring settings.