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Vanessa Minnillo Engagement Ring and Its Controversial

Tuesday, January 24th 2017. | Uncategorized

trendy vanessa minnillo engagement ringThe American celebrities are shocked by Vanessa Minnillo, an American television host, actress and model, as well as Miss Teen USA and the host of Miss Universe 2007. They are shocked knowing that Vanessa Minnillo has big ring on her finger. Apparently the ring is a gift from her boyfriend, Nick Lachey. The vanessa minnillo engagement ring is said to be big and expensive that what Nick Lachey bought for his ex-wife Jessica Simpson. The vanessa minnillo engagement ring is shown for the first time when Vanessa Minnillo was in Mexico with Nick. The magazines describe the picture as Vanessa Minnillo holds balloon with intentionally showing her new engagement ring with huge nice smile on her lips. According to the trusted sources, the vanessa minnillo engagement ring is made of platinum with beautiful asscher cut diamond with trapezoids in the side designed by Bader & Garrin. From the preliminary description, it is clear that the ring is quite amazing and looks expensive too and makes many people get into jealousy.

Vanessa Minnillo Engagement Ring Photo

Further info on vanessa minnillo engagement rings says that the center stone is approximately 4 carats. Many jewelry experts say that the ring has classic design because of the platinum setting but it has modern touch on its trapezoid diamonds. The design of the ring matched perfectly to the shape of the diamonds. More sources say that the vanessa minnillo engagement rings look perfect on her finger. If ever a woman receives such great diamond ring, it should be Vanessa Minnillo that has been in the relationship with Nick Lachey since 2006. It is about the time that their relationship becomes engagement and later day, wedding ceremony. However, thevanessa minnillo engagement ring replica photo vanessa minnillo engagement rings bring kind of controversy. The controversy is not because of the person who gives the ring but because of the price of the ring and also the comparison towards Jessica’s ring, Nick ex-wife.

Vanessa Minnillo Engagement Ring Carats

The controversy that is triggered by the vanessa minnillo engagement ring is about the price. Jewelry expert has estimated that the price of the vanessa minnillo engagement ring is around $125,000. It is an expensive price for an engagement ring and it is much more expensive than what Nick gave for Jessica Simpson years ago. Jessica’s ring was similar to Vanessa’s but it was only a 3.5 carat. Some say that Jessica’s ring modern and flirty but the Vanessa is the twists between modernity and classic.

Vanessa Minnillo Engagement Ring Nick Lachey

The vanessa minnillo engagement ring is said to be too expensive because there are many other similar models with much cheaper price. Some experts say that the price of the ring is probably not that much. Whatever the jewelry experts say about her ring, Vanessa Minnillo is enjoying her new status as the fiancé of Nick Lachey and soon they will get married. Vanessa surely waits what a kind of wedding ring that Nick would give to her on the wedding day. We can assume that Nick will give Vanessa a bigger and more expensive wedding ring. Let’s just wait and see until their wedding ceremony. Vanessa minnillo engagement ring is so trendy.