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Unique Engagement Rings Idea for Your Special Moment

Tuesday, December 13th 2016. | Uncategorized

cheap unique engagement ringsFor your special moment, such as an engagement, of course you should appear well by wearing the best dress as well as the best accessories, including the unique engagement rings. An engagement is just like a wedding. It is one of the biggest and the most valuable moment where a couple makes a great commitment to take their relationship to a wedding and live happily ever after. The moment is often symbolized with an engagement ring. That is why, when you are planning an engagement, you must choose the best ring to wear. Choose the unique engagement rings design whether you want unique engagement rings without diamonds or without diamonds.

Most engagement rings come in diamonds. In fact, you have many other options instead of diamond. As all we know, a diamond ring is very costly that many people couldn’t afford it. Therefore, looking for the alternatives is the best idea. In addition, while diamond rings are already very common, you can choose unique engagement rings. For your information, many famous queens in the world such as Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Mother of England, and Princess Anne didn’t use diamond for their engagement rings but they opted for sapphire. Additionally Princess Sarah Ferguson wore a ruby. It means that you have various choices precious stone.

Sapphires and Rubies as Unique Engagement Rings Ideas

Everyone agrees that diamonds are the best rings for engagement. If you really adore the beauty, durability, and value of diamonds,buy rose unique engagement rings vintage you can try sapphires. Not many people have used this kind of ring for either engagement or wedding. That is why sapphires belong to one of the unique engagement rings ideas. Why this ring is ideal for engagement? It is because thus rings present purity, spirituality, and faithfulness, thus perfect for sacred moment such as engagement and wedding. Although sapphires are available in any color options, a deep navy blue is the most recommended one because the color doesn’t change in varying light.

If you are looking for unique engagement rings that even can be more precious than diamonds, you can consider fine rubies. To look unique, wear large rubies. You might find it a little bit difficult to find since large rubies have been quite rare nowadays but girls will really love it. The most popular rubby colors for rings are blue, red, and green.

Emeralds and Pearls as Unique Engagement Rings Ideas

Emeralds can be a good idea of unique engagement rings. They come in pure green or blue green. Many people believe that emerald is a source of power that can keep a loving relationship. Make sure that the ring you choose stands for the couple’s love, personality, and taste.

Another idea is to wear pearl rings. Pearls, just like diamonds, are identical with weddings and love. No wonder that many couples use them for an engagement. There are many color options of pearls such as black, pink, gold, green, gold, and white. White pearls have been too common. If you want to go unique, you can consider rare pearls. Black pearls are the most rare and unique engagement rings.