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Unique Engagement Ring Settings Your Sweetheart Will Love

Wednesday, November 30th 2016. | Uncategorized

buy unique engagement ring settings new yorkConsidering that an engagement ring is significant for your relationship, selecting the best setting is necessary for you. If you want to make your fiancée feels special and highly appreciated, consider some unique engagement ring settings. And fortunately, this article is here to give you some unique setting ideas that your sweetheart will love to accept. Well, let us find out how great these settings are.

The most popular metal of all time for engagement rings is gold. And as you know, gold comes in two types: white gold and yellow gold. You may be familiar with yellow gold since more people wear yellow gold ring. If you want a little bit unique metal, then you will like to pick the colorless gold one. For instance, you can buy an eighteen carat white gold for your engagement ring. The ring will look more beautiful with a round diamond on it. This setting is one of great unique engagement ring settings your fiancée will not dare refuse to accept.

One of unique engagement ring settings you will also be interested in is a platinum ring with some diamonds set in tear drop motif. Platinum is less popular than white gold or yellow gold due to its high price. If money does not concern you at all, purchasing a ring in this setting is a fantastic idea. With the ring on her beautiful finger, your fiancée will be able to draw the attention of the people. There is no doubt that many women will be jealous.

Do you need more unique engagement ring settings to amaze your special person? Well, you may like a ring with colorless gold as the cheap unique engagement ring settings rose goldband with Asscher cut centerpiece. What makes this ring unique is the cut. However a ring in this setting will cost you more than a thousand dollars. But this ring will serve you very well in representing your big love for your partner. Even though you have to spend much money, you will never regret it in the end.

When it comes to unique engagement ring settings, your choices are actually various. Another idea you will like to know is the one with black diamond. This kind of precious stone is rare. Therefore, it is unique and special so that a ring with black diamond will make your ring different from others. In order to make your ring more unique, you can choose the one with princess cut diamond. The cut is also unique. If you choose this setting, the entire part of your engagement ring is unique.

These are just some ideas of unique engagement ring settings you and your fiancée will love. However, there are many more unique settings you can found on the market nowadays. Consider platinum and white gold if it is true that you want to have a unique engagement ring. Consider also some cuts like princess cut and emerald cut. They are very beautiful, and the most important thing is that they have uniqueness to offer. You may also like to read this design an engagement ring article.