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Turquoise Rings, The Various Meanings

Tuesday, August 30th 2016. | Turquoise Ring

old turquoise ringsTurquoise rings represent different meanings in different locations. In some locations, these rings symbolize common things; and in certain locations, they are considered to have special meanings. If you are curious about the various meanings of such rings, all you need to do is to read the rest of this article.

Actually, the precious stone, turquoise, has been in this world since thousands of years ago. Precisely, it was found for the first time in Egypt between 4000 and 5000 B.C. It had been also found in other countries like Tibet, Turkey and China. European people knew turquoise rings at first from Turkish merchants.

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In Asia, especially South East Asia, turquoise rings are valuable jewelries. People there consider that the rings represent life. They represent how people life from birth to death. These rings have been famous jewelries from year to year. It is also believed that the rings have to be treated well in order not to ruin the colors. But in the past, people in South East Asia purchased such rings for the hope that they could have protected horses.

Some time ago, turquoise ring was very popular in Russia. Russian people believed that this kind of rings was able to bring peace. Some considered that wearing such rings could have led them to success. But not all types were popular in Russia. People usually preferred to wear the silver ones.

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Turquoise ring represents unique meanings in the Middle East. Especially Persian, the rings were put on fingers for the reason that double stone turquoise rings for menthey could have helped the wearers stay focused when praying. People in the Middle East also assumed that such rings could have assisted them to gain their dreams.

In America, the meaning of turquoise ring was once different from other locations. People in America usually used these rings to help them seek for good spirits. Commonly, they put these jewelries into graves and tombs. In the past, this kind of rings was used to help archers shoot their enemies. The rings were believed to be able to make them accurate in shooting any targets.

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However, these days, in most parts of this world, turquoise rings are considered as accessories to help the wearers make a fashion statement. Sometimes, such rings are given to friends, family members or partners. Yes, these rings are actually suitable for any occasion and able to be worn for formal or non formal situation.

Few cultures believe that wearing such rings can give the wearers protection. Even, there are people who assume that putting the rings on fingers can intensify their tender feelings. The blue color of the precious stone can give people the feel of peace.

If you are interested in turquoise rings, there will not be a big problem for you to find one. Many local jewelry stores provide various options you can pick. If you want some more choices, you can try to browse on the internet, In a few seconds you will meet hundreds interesting options to select.

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