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Tungsten Carbide Rings, Shiny Looking

Saturday, April 15th 2017. | Tungsten Ring

simple tungsten carbide ringsThere are more than eyes can see in Tungsten carbide rings. It is true that the rings always look shiny and classy in their own way. It always makes it into one of the must have lists in men’s rings. There are also some women’s tungsten carbide rings that use Tungsten carbide to enhance their beauty. However, Tungsten carbide in men’s rings makes a great band without making it flashy or feminine. Tungsten carbide is not used in jewelries for a long time yet, but the combination of craftsmanship, superior materials, and the modern design quickly make it into the top list of engagement and wedding ring choices. The material itself is simply an answer for those of you who are tired of rings that can scratch easily.

Collections of Tungsten Carbide Rings Available

One of the examples of Tungsten Carbide wedding rings around is this BUCKINGHAM Tungsten Ring with Domed Blue Diamond in 6 mm & 8 mm. With its nice clarity and cobalt free Tungsten carbide rings material, it gives an elegant look in white bezel. It has a traditional look yet still has the sense of the contemporary in its sleek design. With a small cut of blue diamond adorned the center of the ring, you can expect a beautiful looking ring in a simple design that looks stunning for any eyes.

Some Tungsten carbide rings are also available with no gemstones at all to embellish its beauty. One of the finest examples is this BALDWYN Inlay Domed Tungsten Ring with Braided Palladium in 6mm & 8mm. The silent beauty of grayish Tungsten carbide is solid tungsten carbide rings for menbeautifully combined with a nice woven Palladium 950 that is inlaid in the center of the ring, encircling the band perfectly. It is one perfect choice for couples who wish to have a matching set for their wedding rings or promise rings. Without gemstones, this ring provides an enchanted beauty to its wearer.

The Tungsten carbide rings are not only available in silver color. Some of them are also available widely in a sleek black color that can easily match to everyday’s wear. One of the examples is this MAGMA Domed Black Ceramic Ring with Diamond – 6mm. Its black beauty charms many couples, and the black ceramic and Tungsten carbide as its materials provide anti-scratch quality to its band. The traditional domed ring is beautifully combined with a round cut of 0.6 diamonds in an exquisite look. The color itself is unique, but it does not lessen the graceful and elegant looks from the ring.

Why Choosing Tungsten Carbide Rings

One thing that you should thank for from rings that are made of Tungsten Carbide is that the rings will have greater scratch resistance. This means that the ring will be a great choice for those who have a lot of activities that require physical activities with hand power. Men usually need this kind of ring to support their activity, since the usual material can be easily scratched and this of course will be a waste of money. Tungsten carbide rings however become the right answer for providing beautiful rings that do not get scratched easily. You may also like to read this tacori rings article.

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