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Titanium Rings History in Past Years

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cool titanium ringsTitanium rings is one of jewelry rings sold in every country as a great jewelry. The rings of titanium, surely, made of titanium with other chemical. Titanium known is the most durable jewelry in the world that consists of 90% titanium, 6% aluminum, and 4% vanadium. Several scientists found this material in 1790’s, they found it in several places around the world. However, they could not find the way to make titanium commercial things. In 1932, Wiliam justin kroll found the way how to make titanium commercial thing by reducing titanium tetrachloride into its metal from so that it can be crafted in beautiful form like jewelry.

Titanium Rings Style and Popularity

The popularity of titanium rings began in 1989 where a science fiction movie and novel entitled the Abysss use the ring as weeding ring in the story. After that, the ring appeared as the first popularity for titanium material for jewelry in 1990’s, since then, titanium used as jewelry in large scale. Today, you can find titanium jewelry in jewelry store and on line market that specifically sell titanium as jewelry. You can find the form of titanium jewelry such as, necklace, ring, bracelet, and earrings.

The most popular of titanium jewelry is titanium rings because it has good appearances and durable quality. This ring has several styles, such as classic, mokume gane, sable and frost. Every style has special characteristic. Clasiic shaped like simple oval or circle. The surface is smooth and shiny. Mokume gane is the mix between titanium and wood-grain. You can find the design from the old diamond titanium rings cut offsamurai sword in Japan. Sable is uniquely silky surface on the ring. Then, frost has appearances like frozen ring. All of the style shows the beautiful side of titanium jewelry especially the rings.

Titanium Rings Advantageous

Titanium ring has some advantageous that make every people love this ring. Even though, the price of titanium jewelry less expensive but it is worth enough because the quality of titanium is more than gold and silver jewelry. Moreover, the process of crafted titanium is not cheap required engineering material. Titanium is unique jewelry because it has hypoallergenic substance that make the user save wear the ring. This substance also called non-toxic for human body. It has high durability toward many kind corrosion resistances so that you can even use it while swimming in the sea. This includes the corrosion from seawater, chlorine, aqua regia and some acid.

The use of titanium jewelry has increase every year. The customer not only consider about the durability, scratch resistance and some acid but also the casual performance of this ring. Man and woman can use this ring because the simple appearances. This rings also suitable for high school, sport, style and college. Some people also use this ring as weeding ring because they want to show that their life will be durable like the rings and always stay together. Well, you may be able to make this ring as your important thing by using titanium ring. We are now talking about great titanium rings.