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The Promise Ring, Ways to Give Them Romantically

Monday, October 24th 2016. | Uncategorized

the promise ring lookThe promise ring is a symbolic item in a loving relationship. What is the promise ring meaning? Well, the promise ring band is bought and chosen by the man to be given to his women. It is a big step to give this ring because the ring is a symbol of a serious commitment in a relationship. It means you are going further than just being a boyfriend and girlfriend because both of you are planing the future of your relationship in wedding.

When you give the promise ring, it means that you are ready for more serious stage of relationship like an engagement and later on will be a marriage. Let’s say the event when a promise ring is presented is like an informal proposal between you two. If your girlfriend accepts the ring, it means that sooner you can talk to her family to take her into your life.

Giving the Promise Ring in a Dinner

It is better to make a memorable timing when you give the promise ring. Bear in mind that the moment when you give the ring to your loved one is, for many girls, consider as the most beautiful moment. So, please your special girl by giving the ring in romantic ways. Simply give the ring is too common. If you give the ring that way, perhaps, five years or even a year from now, you both will not remember this special moment. There are many ideas that can inspire you to create wonderful and memorable moment.

Dinner is the perfect time to give the promise ring because dinner associates with romantic moment. There are many ideas that can be used to present the ring. Set a good mood during the dinner. Then, after you finish enjoying your main dish, it will be a desert the promise ring designtime. Talk to the waiter about your plan. Put the ring in the desert. The desert can be an ice cream, a piece of cake, or pudding. To avoid your girlfriend eat the ring, you can place the ring in a ring case so it is big enough. In the middle she enjoy the dessert, voila, she will find the ring.

If you think the idea of a ring in the cake has been too common, since this idea is often performed in some romantic movie, you can just go simple by placing the promise ring in desert tray. But it is not that simple. Make it more unique. For example, you can pretend that you have an important business call saying that there is a sudden urgent meeting that you should leave your girlfriend. Once you have left, a waiter will serve the dessert with a ring on it. Of course you have to attach a small letter saying how much you love her.

Giving the Promise Ring Indirectly

If you want to see your girl’s expression when receiving promise ring, you might give it directly. But you know what? Giving the ring indirectly in a surprising and romantic way will be another great idea. For example, if you like to give your girlfriend a flower bouquet, you can give them their favorite flowers and hide the ring in one of the unopened flower buds. Arrange the flowers in the vase and place it in a place where your girlfriend can see every day. When it is the time for the bud to open, she will see the promise ring.