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Tacori Rings, The Coveted Jewelry

Wednesday, March 1st 2017. | Uncategorized

simple tacori ringsGetting proposed with Tacori rings is probably what most ladies always dream of today. As one of the most desirable jewelries, Tacori jewelries always have their own style that cannot be easily classified together with the other rings. The price of the Tacori jewelry is known to be very expensive due to its class and style. If you wonder how much do Tacori rings cost, one piece of the ring could spend you at least $2,000. The luxury and the elegant designs that the rings provide surely become its own plus point that draws every bride’s eye to it. With its style where the art of the Victorian Era, the elegance of the Edwardian Era and the inspiring Art Deco style blend as one, it is no wonder that Tacory jewelry still keeps its name until today.

Collections of Tacori Rings to Choose

Finding out the latest design of Tacori rings in the market is quite easy. There are a lot of designs to pick, so you can choose the best from the collections that the jewelers offer. For example is the Engagement Mounting LDM6614 with Tacori 24 – 3.5 Graduated Diamond. This ring has a diamond in 1.05 tw in a prong setting mounted in the center of the ring. White gold in 18 carat becomes the material of the band, circling the finger nicely to support the Tacori designs.

If you like the ring that is less flashy design, you might like to have Tacori 2585B with Unique Diamond Wedding Band which does not have a mounted design like the other ring. With its simple yet elegant design, the 18 carat white gold can charm you with its pretty cheap tacori rings chicagodesign of Tacori rings. It does not use prong setting, but it has four small cuts of diamond with 0.37 carat as the total carat weight. The four diamonds attached to the rings without being too noticeable in the eyes, but still look nice all the same in its thin band.

If you like Tacori rings in a beaded style, you will probably like the Bead Set Tacori Wedding Band with Tacori 41-1.5 Diamond. This one ring only uses diamonds in a tiny cut encircling the 18 carat platinum neatly. The tiny cut makes the ring has a less carat, thus makes it less expensive as well. This ring only has 0.17 carat as the total carat weight of the diamonds. Even so, the beaded style can still easily win the heart of your fiancée.

Selecting the Proper Tacori Rings

Just like choosing rings from other jewelry designers, basically that you need to do is to know what kind of rings you and your partner like best. If you prefer a simple design, then it is better to avoid ring in a flashy style. Though truth be told, rings from Tacori usually do not have a too showy design. It is usually only up to how much you can afford to buy the rings from Tacori. If you like designs that have Art Deco style with the influence of Victorian and Edwardian eras, then you need to save your money from now on. Tacori Rings are one of the best jewelries that comply with that kind of design. You may also like to read this custom engagement rings article.