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Stacking Rings for Children’s Toys

Saturday, July 30th 2016. | Stacking Rings

various stacking ringsStacking rings are one of the basic children’s toys. As the name implies, this toy consist of a number of donut-type rings. Those rings are arranged on peg-like base. That is why the toy is called as stacking ring. This toy is very useful for toddlers to enhance their development. With this toy, toddlers can practice how to take off the rings and stack the rings on the base. Since they are intended for children, the toys come in a rainbow of color.

Many toy stores in your local area always sell stacking rings. You can buy stacking rings for baby in cheap price. However, if you like to carry out a little project in making stacking ring toys, you can create a wonderful toy for your kids easily. For your information, there are many ideas that you can take for the project whether you want to make stacking ring made of wood or fabric. You can make the rings from the very beginning or just buy the plain models from the store and add details yourself.

Wood and Fabric Stacking Rings

If you want durable toys for your kids, you can consider wood stacking rings. Most of such toys actually come in plastics. Plastic is much cheaper than wood but it less durable. Plastic, even so, is often used as the material to make toys because it is safe for children.beautiful stacking rings etsy It will not hurt them. In addition, plastic also does not contain poisonous element. You can, therefore consider wood stacking ring if your kids are 3 years only or above. Make sure that your kids are not allergic to certain wood. Before you cut the wood, you should make an outline first. Use a saw to cut the hole in the center than sand the edge until you feel it is smooth.

As an alternative, you can also make fabric stacking rings. It is a great idea for ones who like sewing project. In addition, fabric material is also safe. You can give your 1 year baby this toy. The rings are made of different colored fabrics and stuffed with stuffing or batting. In one set of stacking ring, each ring comes in different color and size. The bottom ring is the biggest one while the top is the smallest ones. What about the peg? The length of the peg vary depend on the number of the rings. The more numbers the ring is, the longer the peg is.

Decorating Stacking Rings

Sometimes parents just do not have time to completely make the stacking rings for their little loved one. You can just buy ready store-bought set in plain design from any local toy store then add attractive details yourself. Only decorating the rings will not take much time but you can still enjoy the time with your lovely one.

To make your rings attractive, paint each ring in different color. Make sure that the paint is non-toxic. You can decorate the rings by gluing decorative pieces of ribbon beyond the edges of the rings and onto the rings as well. Another idea is to cover the stacking rings with tulle, corduroy, fur, or other fabrics.

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