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Solitaire Rings, What You Need to Know About Them

Sunday, August 7th 2016. | Uncategorized

unique solitaire rings designsSolitaire rings have become one of the most favorite rings among women recently. Considering this, it is not surprising that many men purpose their special women using these rings. But in fact, these rings can be gifted for any occasion such as birthday, anniversary and wedding. Typically, solitaire rings come with a thin band with one diamond ornamented it. Even though the concept of such rings is very simple, but the rings have elegance to offer.

As for the name itself, solitaire, it means alone. It can refer to one. That is why there is only one diamond on the band. Because of its simplicity, the price of solitaire rings is inclined to be cheaper than other types of ring available in any jewelry store now a day. For some people, still the price of these rings is expensive. You know, for a piece of ring of that sort, you have to spend more than a thousand dollar. However, the price is worth it.

Solitaire rings have been in this world since the emergence of the Egyptian civilization. At the time, such rings were given or exchanged between two lovers. This was because Egyptian people believed that the rings can represent their love and promise. They usually wore these rings on the left hand finger for the reason that in the finger there was a vein that went right away to the heart.

Modern studies prove that there is no such a vein in the left hand finger. But people still wear solitaire rings on the left hand finger. In buy solitaire rings with diamond bandthe past, such rings were commonly used for engagement rings or wedding rings. But they have evolved many times now. People do not only make the best use of such ring for engagement rings or wedding rings merely. People give such rings on various occasions.

As already stated above, such rings commonly feature a single diamond on the band. However, it does not have to be diamond. Some people change the diamond with other precious stone like emerald sapphire, ruby and many others. If you want to buy solitaire rings, you need to know how to evaluate the quality of the stone. It is known as the four Cs that determine the quality of the stone. These four Cs are carat cut color and clarity. The metal used also determines the quality of the ring. As for the metal, now a day it can be any precious metal like gold, silver, platinum, titanium and so on.

Seeing the fact that many people love to wear solitaire rings, it should not be a difficult task for you to get your best ring on the market. Yes, there are a lot of jewelry stores out there that offer such rings. Your choices are unlimited, either in size, color and design. But one thing to note, it is advised that you buy such a ring from a reputable store. Make sure you get the certificate of the ring, before you spend your money for it.