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Signet Ring to Memorize the Ancestors

Friday, September 15th 2017. | Nice Rings

bird signet ringEven though now there are not too many people wearing a signet ring on their finger, the value of the ring is still intact. It was first introduced by Edward the Confessor and extremely popular among the sovereign and aristocrats since the reign of Edward II in 1307 until 1851. During this time, this ring was used as the tool to seal any warrant. Anyone who wore this ring usually had high power in its hand to make the warrant and some authenticate decisions. It could help to sign the building of an office, decide a treaty, or even proclaim a war. Since the 17th century, the signet ring has a more distinction meaning underneath it, and since the 18th century, the ring’s usage can be seen to be used as letter sealer or some other more lighthearted purpose. Women could as well have this ring but under the name of fab ring.

Signet Ring in Modern World Collection

The numbers of people who wear this ring are probably not that high as in the past and the purpose has been shifted, but it is still quite fashionable to wear one. Now, when usually it is only the religious leaders, politicians, or wealthy citizens, you could also find the one that is made for the game fan. World of Warcraft, for example, has some popular designs of signet ring for its fan. Signet ring of the bronze is very popular among the gamers. There are a number of designs that adorn the ring, and each of the ring has its own power and ability based on the game version. The gaming fans can even wear the ring by finding it through online shop like Amazon or eBay.

While in the real life, there is still a real signet ring that can be found in several jewelers. H. Samuel has some signet designs among its royal kingdom signet ring tiffanyvast collection. One of them is the Men’s 9 carat Gold Cushion ring. With its unique design where the symbol is only seen in half of the seal, the gold band can be a nice gift for yourself or to your beloved ones.

Most of the signet ring usually comes in a limited edition. You should order it fast before the jewelers run out of the collection, or you could also order to make one. Since the signet is originally a family or organization’s crest, you could ask to have it custom made. There are a number of places where you could have them specially made based on your own design, or ask them to design it with your request.

The Art of Choosing Signet Ring

The first thing that you need to take a look when choosing a design for this kind of ring is the shape of the signet itself. You could have it in a popular round, oval, or rectangular shape if you like. The next important thing is of course the design of the signet itself. If you already have your own special design, you could make it custom made for your organization. If you buy it in fashion purpose, you should choose the one that uses gemstone or custom signet ring.