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Ruby Rings, Rings of Power

Thursday, February 23rd 2017. | Uncategorized

beautiful ruby ringsSince ancient time, Ruby has been known in the gem of power with its blood-red color, and even up until now, Ruby rings are still sought by those who love the powerful red-blood gem as their accessories. Ruby ring was the jewel of Kings and aristocrat. Royal families and noblemen wore them on their graceful fingers to show power and authority. The red glow always managed to attract attention. This still applies even to these days. Having those red gems on your fingers will attract everyone’s attention with their grace and beauty. This could be a nice addition to your jewelry collection among your other gemstone rings and will give you the grace for any party you are in.

Ruby Rings in Gold Band

This is one of the most favorite types of Ruby rings wanted by most of jewel collectors. A combination of gold and Ruby has been just right and these days the way the jewelers arrange the Ruby is getting more and more interesting and unique. This Ruby Cocktail Ring for example, it is made of white gold as the band, and little pieces of Ruby gemstones are arranged into nice flowing patterns, encircling a series of white diamond stretching at the front of the ring. This is nice and unlike the usual Ruby rings with the ruby at the center, this type of ring will make a difference and a new innovation.

Silver Ruby Rings

Another choice of the band of the ring is silver. Silver is more light and simple and the red Ruby will do just right to bring out the used ruby rings ebaypresence. With soft silver as the band, this type of Ruby rings is suitable for you who like the shine and glow of ruby but do not want to make it too flashy with gold band. Moreover, the red ruby indeed will look better in white band and thus, the silver will make a good combination and easy to coordinate with your dress.

Tips on Choosing Ruby Rings

There are several things you need to think about when you are going to purchase a ruby ring. First you have to know that Ruby is not just red red. There are more hues of red in ruby gemstone and you can decide which hue that you want. Of course each red has its own meaning. You can choose from red with the slightest shade of pink up to deep red. To check on the quality, hold the stone in the light. Good gemstone will be hard to see through and if you aim the laser to it, the light will be distorted into various non-patterned directions, unlike the fake one. Also check on whether there are any scratches or cracks.

If you have several stones that piqued your interest, lay them side by side so you can compare each one to get the one that you want most. And the last tip on choosing Ruby rings so you won’t spend too much on it, do a price research on the internet and set your budget.