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Ring Size, The Importances of It Before You Buy a Ring

Tuesday, January 24th 2017. | Uncategorized

ring size diagramWhen you buy a ring, there are certainly things that you consider besides choosing a style and metals that compose your desirable ring whether it is gold, silver, platinum or palladium, another thing that is important is a ring size. Although, most of people tend to consider more about the composition of the metal and the style, the size is also very important. It will be very spoiled when you buy a luxurious ring which made of platinum with a diamond on it but you cannot wear the ring because the size is too larger or too narrow. So make sure that you get the exact size before you buy a ring. You can ask the clerk to help you to find the proper size.

Ring Size Chart

Every country, actually, has distinct ring size conversion which is based on their standard measurement of each country, for example Australian use alphabet as its measurements start from H, I ½ , J ½, and so on; while Japanese, Swiss, French, German and Canada use numbers as its measurement with difference parameters. Millimeters and inches are dimension used as measurement, but millimeter is more accurate than using inches.

Ring Size Chart For Men

Actually you can measure your own ring size by yourself. How? You can use candle by putting it in your ring until it is stopped then find your size by measuring the size in ring size conversion chart to get more precise measurement. Basically, it is the way to measure size of the rings not sizes the fingers. To measure the size of the ring, in fact, is easier than to measure the size of your fingers. Rings tend exact ring size guideto be more static in size because it consists of metal, while finger size is affected by many factors such as body size, temperature and so on; so it size can be change as the change of those factors.

Ring Size Adjuster

The rings size between men and woman are different. Adult man usually size about 9 to 11 or J to W while for adult women size about 6 to 8 or L to Q. Children’s fingers also have different size from adults, since they are growing as the growing of the body size and the size must be increased. If you want to by ring you’d better buy a wider about ½ size one so when your fingers are getting larger you ring is still fitted in your finger.

In addition, to get appropriate ring sizes there are some guides you can follow:

  1. You’d better to measure a ring in the afternoon or end of day after you have done activities so your finger usually gets bigger.
  1. Fingers size is influenced by temperature so don’t measure when your fingers are cold because your finger size will be decrease in size into smallest size.
  1. To get more accurate measurement takes at least two measurements. You’d better choose a bigger size one to anticipate that your finger become bigger in size.

After you read above, you can get a reference or additional information about how to measure your ring size before you buy a ring.