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Ring Size Conversion Help You Know Your Ring Size

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popular ring size conversionBefore you buy a ring, of course you should know about your ring size, so the ring would be fit in your finger. You need to know what they size you want because the sizes are different greatly, European, UK, and US sizes all vary. The size depends on where you buy the jewelry from. To help you know the appropriate size of your ring, you should get ring size conversion. Actually, the simplest way to know the ring size is have it sized in a jeweler. There are also some easy methods to know the ring size at home. You need to know the size that used in your local jeweler and the size used in some different countries.

Ring Size Conversion Chart

By knowing the size from different countries, you can easily convert your size to the size that used in another country when you want to purchase ring from another country. Today, shopping online is very popular. Many women and men love to buy jewelry online because there are a wide selection of rings are available, so you can meet the best ring to buy. By knowing the different size of ring, it will enable you to buy rings from over the world with ease.

Ring Size Conversion Inches

To help you measure your ring size, you can use a piece of string. Wrapping the string around your finger that will wear the ring andwell known ring size conversion chart uk you will get a point where string overlaps. Measure the length of the string in millimeters. Actually, this measurement is circumference of the finger. This size can help you determine the size of your ring. Different area of course have different measurement standard. In the US, ring size is measured in mm. But, in the UK, they use lettering system. Letters are starting from B up to Z that is rather large. In addition, the size sometimes has extender letter for a very large ring size such as Z + 1 and Z + 2. For this special size, it would rarely found in the store. It should be specially made from the jeweler. In the UK, women’s ring size conversion are scale I – Q, and men’s ring size are R and upwards. Actual scale which is used for measurement is circumference times 10 that divided by 3,142.

Ring Size Conversion mm

Europe also has different ring measurement. It is common to the scale to de reduced by 40. Therefore, woman will not feel that she had large and fat fingers. You also should consider about the width of you ring. Typically, wider ring requires to be purchased in a larger size. Try to measure the finger when it is not too hot or too cold because it may affect sizing process. You can also see the chart of ring size conversion when you want to know your size in different measurement standard. If you still get difficult to convert your ring size, a good jeweler both offline and online will be happily help you know the size. With your ring size in your country, a jeweler is able to give the right size you need and it would be fit in your finger.