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Ring Size Chart for Getting the Right Size

Thursday, June 15th 2017. | Uncategorized

ring size chart tableRing size chart is one of the most popular ways of measuring the right ring. People often have problems about measuring the right rings for their beloved one, so there are several methods available as the answer of your question about how to measure ring size. Whether you want to measurer your own ring or the other person’s ring, you can do it anytime you want. However, there are many types of size chart available to get your size right.

Some stores have this ring size chart, so you can ask someone working on the store where you purchase it, because they should have the expertise and knowledge in assisting you when you request for help. They will measure your finger with industry-standard ring sizes more likely. However, some stores do not have this ring size, so the measuring thing will be up to you.

Ring Size Chart Types

Among some ring size chart options, one is the chart of the ring circumference along with the size, this chart will be much helpful for those who already have a ring as the measurement tool. The other method chart is with the measurement of the non-stretchy string’s length. This chart will be much helpful for those who have no ring before. To use this ring chart, what you need to do is first preparing the string about 6” long. Alternatively, you can use a piece of paper about ¼” wide and 6” long. Next, wrap it onto your finger snugly. Leave a mark on thepredicting ring size chart inches paper or string exactly at the place it overlaps using a pen and form a complete circle. After that, compare the paper or string measurement of the created lines on the chart to determine your size ring. Order the larger size if you have between sizes result.

Measuring Tips of Ring Size Chart

Looking at ring size chart is a great option to get your ring size right. This tool can be found online as well, so it is easy to measure the size anytime you want. This chart can also be used for converting measurements or determining the size of the ring based on the one that a person already has. For example, if you have a plan of surprise engagement, to buy the ring that fits your girlfriend’s finger secretly will be a sweet effort. After that, compare the ring with the downloaded size chart. One thing you need to remember, it is important and crucial to have suitable measurements. Make sure you get the right measurements. Moreover, the size of rings differs based on the country. Choose the right size from your country and choose the right ring size where you will purchase it. If you do not ensure this, then you may end up having the wrong measurement. In addition, make sure you double check the measurement from the ring chart you have printed, whether or not it has been resized, as this is one of the causes you may get the incorrect size.

It is also important to do the measuring at the right time. A person’s finger may have a specific size, depends on when the measuring is done. Temperature is one of the factors that may create different effects. Measure the ring during the latter part of the day and at the room temperature, if possible. At the end of the day, the fingers tend to be the biggest, thus the measuring should be better done at that time. Make sure you get the right measurements by using one or both types of ring size chart.