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Ring Settings, Knowing the Types of Ring Settings

Friday, August 12th 2016. | Ring Settings

simple ring settingsA ring would look less from perfect without ring settings. Basically, diamond ring setting diamond serves to organize the band so that it looks more beautiful rings and diamond mounted on a band perfectly and safely. We have to admit, a ring will look very stunning with a ring setting than other types of band rings. Several types of ring settings are:

Bezel setting

Setting where the diamonds are placed in the middle of the ring so diamonds will mount perfectly and safer. To set a single diamond as the center, the diamond wrapped by thin metal frame, except the diamond surface. However, if the diamond is placed at the side of the band just wrapped up in part because diamonds semi mounted. This arrangement has the advantage to make the diamond appear larger.

Invisible setting

Diamonds are structuring tightly. Each diamond arranged neatly and separated only by a thin partition. It is the perfect setting for a princess cut diamond as it will show the maximum brilliance. Ring settings is applied to the ring using many diamonds, and mostly applied for diamonds engagement rings or diamonds wedding rings.

Prong Ring settings

Use of ring is mostly formed like a claw setting metal consisting of 4 or more branches. Excess regulation is over the number of incoming light so brilliant diamond has more leverage. Prongs have several forms, round, v-shape, flat, and pointed, V-shape is among the most commonly used. The number of commonly used Prong is 4-6, but 6 Prong will make diamond safer mounted.beauty ring settings white gold Another factor that determines the shape of the prongs to be used is a type of cut diamonds. Emerald cut would be more suited to flat Prong setting. Pear, marquise, and heart cut diamond will be mounted perfectly with the v-Prong. But Prong setting has a weakness, because of its open so easily caught, and the stone will loosen or fall off easily. While the value of the ring with this setting relatively lower compared to other types of settings, it uses a bit of metal.

Tension Ring Settings

This setting is widely applied to modern rings, because it looks simple and elegant. Placement tension diamond ring by both ends of the band, this arrangement gives the impression of floating like a diamond. In general, only use a single stone as the center of the ring and the stone has a diameter equal to the width of the ring band.

Pave Ring Settings

Diamond setting which have the same structuring techniques as channel setting, but with a smaller diamond sizes and more amount of diamonds. So it looks like the band all covered by the diamond.

Channel Ring Settings

Structuring diamonds similar to bezel setting, diamond wrapped in a thin metal frame on both sides without any insulation installed between each diamond sequence. Channel setting is usually used to put diamonds on the band. Channel set diamond is perfect for protecting from scratches and snagged clothing or hair.

Bar Setting

Structuring a diamond with a metal bar using a V-shaped or U-shaped which serves to wrap or hold diamonds on either side. Bar Ring settings are typically used for 2 or more rings with diamond as the center stone. If viewed from the surface of the ring, you will see a narrow bar between the diamonds.

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