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Ring Resizing, Is Yours Too big? Just Fix It with Ring Resizing

Wednesday, July 27th 2016. | Ring Size

ring resizing if too bigIt can be a problem when we find out that our ring is bigger or smaller for our finger. Is it our finger that brings the problem or is it the ring that is too small or too big? All those problems can be solved perfectly with ring resizing. Ring resizing is a tool for adjust the ring size in order to it fit with the owner’s finger. There are some steps to make your ring fits well on your finger. First step is to prepare the ring that will be adjusted its size. The expert will do it for you. The expert will use the jeweler’s saw. He will cut the bottom of the ring. The goal of cutting off the bottom of the ring is to remove the excess shank ring’s metal. Then, two open part of the ring is formed. Next, he will apply the file to smooth the end parts of the ring. After the ring and the additional metal part are ready to be combined, the ring will be soldered smoothly and carefully. When it is soldered, make sure that the solder is in high temperature and uses the acetylene torch. Next step is by checking the form of the ring whether it has been round or not. The jeweler must form the ring to be a perfectly and true round. If it is not really round, the jeweler can reform it again by using rubberized mallet to create a perfect rounded ring.

The process of ring resizing does not stop for some steps above, but there are also some steps more until the ring is as normal as the previous ring. The next step to resizing the ring is by giving it to the polisher in order to the ring has smooth metal finishing. In this step, the metal surface and traces of filling and sanding will be cut smoothly. The tools used to polish the ring are different. Each tool has its own function and specification. Lapping the surface of ring’s metal is next step in order to the surface is flatter than before. By calculating ring resizing costusing ultrasonic cleanser and it is followed by the steam cleaned, the ring is polished till the surface smoother. The process of polishing, the ring will be free from the dirt, porosity, scratches, and bumpers. The essence is that the jeweler will make the ring more perfect and fit with the owner’s finger. All about the imperfection of the ring will be gone perfectly through the process of ring resizing.

The process of ring resizing will be different especially the tools used for resizing the ring. There are some categorizations of tools that are usually used for resizing the ring. The tools will be based on the kinds of ring such as the plain rings, rings with stones/ gemstones, eternity rings, patterned rings, titanium rings, flex rings, non-metal rings, and invisible settings rings. To make sure that you choose the right ring resizing for adjusting your ring, it is better for you to ask the jeweler who expertise in this specification. The best jewelry shops must have jeweler consultation service for the customers.

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