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Ring Guards, Simply Adjust Your Ring Size with Ring Guards

Sunday, February 5th 2017. | Ring Guards

simple ring guardsIf you have some problem with ring size, whether it is making your ring roll and spin, so that the gem is not located where it should be or, the worse, the ring fall off your fingers. There is no need to sell you ring and buy the new one or just keep it in jewelry box, if you have ring guards.This adjuster also known as ring wrap, ring guard, ring sizer, ring size reducer, sizing beads, sizing balls, spring insert, or ring size adjuster.

Ring Guards Target

Due of various sizes of rings, ring guards try to provide the exact size of the ring. The standard size of ring guards are: small size; for ladies or children rings, medium size; for men’s ring, large size; for thick banded or the joined engagement and wedding rings, jumbo size if you want to join up 2 to 3 rings, and if you are not sure about your ring size, merely choose mixed pack of ring guard size.

Ring guards can be temporary or permanent, but now we will talk about the temporary one. Guards are easy to put and take off. So if your problem is with a children’s finger, now it does not matter if you put ring guards on your children’s rings, no more worry they will lose their rings in any occasion. If the ring begin to fit on your their finger, just take the ring guards off.

This Adjusters also available in plastic, rubber, and silicone if you can not use metal for your skin. But this adhesive guards designed plain ring guards plasticto work with small bands only, and you have to replace them if they get wet. But the good thing is they are reasonably priced.

The other option of guards is liquid silicone guards. It is available in tube and you have to insert the liquid inside of the ring. You may add more liquid guards as many as you want according to the width of the ring. The liquid silicone guard will be dry about 36 hours then your adjusted ring is ready.

Apply Ring Guards by Yourself

Applying this adjuster can be done by yourself without the help of a jeweler.All you need is a pair of pliers to bend the ring guard around the ring. Step by step to install metal guards to your ring are:

  1. Put the ring guard inside the ring and push down to fit with the ring’s shape. Remember to keep the center of ring guard in the center of ring.
  2. Tighten the ring guard to the ring with plier (needle nose plier is better).
  3. Tighten the arm of the ring guard as soon as it iscovered around the ringso it doesnot slip.
  4. Fit with your finger. If still too large, push down the adjuster till you get the size fit you. But if you make it too small, push up the adjuster or grasp the guard and the back of ring then nip together.

We are now talking about ring guards. They are so important to keep your rings safe.

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