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Puzzle Ring: The Unique Sign of Love

Friday, September 22nd 2017. | Uncategorized

yellow puzzle ringThere are so many types of rings to be chosen. One of it is named puzzle ring. If you are searching for something different and unusual, you can choose this type of ring for your engagement or wedding. There is a story behind the name of this ring. In ancient time, a Turkish Nobleman loved his wife so much. He wanted to be sure that his wife was faithful to him even when he was not at her side. He asked jeweler to make a ring that would fall apart when removed and only him that know how to make the ring whole again. The ring made of several bands which appear as endless knots. That is why; the ring is named puzzle ring.

How to Get Beautiful Puzzle Ring in Affordable Price

If you are searching for puzzle ring in affordable price, you might want to try these ideas. At first, you can attend the wedding exhibitions. There are lots of vendors there and they must be give special offers for the clients. Next, you can search the ring in the jewelry stores. If you want, you can go with your fiancée. She will tell you the best ring that suits her. In the other hand, searching the puzzle rings together in the internet is also a great idea. Sorting out some stores with your beloved one is not boring at all. Possibly, you can get the wanted ring faster.

Tips on Choosing Puzzle Ring

Ha, you do not have to be puzzled in choosing the Puzzle rings. It is not as difficult as you think. The first thing to do is deciding the unique puzzle ring directionsbands. As stated above, this type of ring is made of multiple bands that linked together. Basically, you have a wide option in choosing the bands. If you want to choose the simple one, you can choose the two or four bands. In the other hands, it is also possible for you to choose Puzzle rings with more than five bands. Yes, there are even eleven to twelve bands to be chosen. It is up to you.

Next, you have to choose the materials of the Puzzle ring. What kind of material do you want? Silver ring is suitable for engagement. However, it is highly suggested for you to choose the other materials for your wedding ring. Gold and platinum are the best for wedding ring. They bring the elegant and timeless image to the ring. Surely, you have to make a decision as soon as possible. Need some help? Just ask your beloved one about the bands and the material. It is for sure that she will love the Puzzle ring made of her favorite material.

Do not forget about the diamond on the Puzzle ring. Yes, you can add the diamonds into the ring. It makes the ring more adorable and gorgeous than ever. The jeweler can help you in choosing the right diamonds for your ring. Besides the carat, color, clean and cut, you also have to think about the combination between the diamonds and the material of the ring. Even though you can create your ring as you want, you still have to consult this matter to the jeweler. Do not hesitate to ask about some possibilities design of the diamond for your puzzle ring.