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Purity Ring and Types

Tuesday, October 17th 2017. | Nice Rings

love purity ringFree lifestyle before married is very flourishing among adolescents, and a scourge that is very worrying for parents. Its not only will result in psychological and mental, but also cause other problem, neglected education, the risk of venereal disease because of changing partners, drug, etc.. Purity ring is a symbol of commitment to keep them away from sex before marriage. Purity rings are very identically with Christian culture, the parents will give them purity rings to their children who are committed to not having sex before marriage. The ring also serves to remind them of the commitment they’ve made and to keep it.

Purity Ring Band

Certainly impose a commitment like this is not easy, it must come from themselves, not from parents, friends or relatives. If that commitment has come from them, so parents have an important role to help them keep that commitment, first step by giving a purity ring as a form of parental support for the child’s commitment. It could also be said purity rings are a form of human commitment to The Creator, because keeping the purity of sex before marriage is a biblical doctrine. By wearing purity rings on their fingers, will help them remember their commitment and decision they have choose.

Purity Ring Shrines

There have been many churches that support the program’s purity rings; they are also taught the importance of determining the purity ring music engravedchoice of the right time to start having sex, whether before or prior to the wedding. And provide instruction about the consequences of having sex outside of marriage is not only a physical effect, but also spiritual and emotional and long-term effects it will have on their future married life. The church helped convince the youth that challenges and possibilities to maintain the sanctity of marriage is something that can be realized and done for their own good. And the actual purity is taught by all religions, so you don’t have to be a Christian to use a purity ring.

Purity Ring Fineshrine

Generally, wear purity ring is on the left hand finger, which was released when they were married, and replaced with a wedding ring. If you do not like wearing rings, purity rings can be used as a chain for a necklace. There are several types of purity rings to choose from:

Spinner ring, which consists of the inner ring and outer ring and can be removed or re-attached. The ring is more suitable worn by men, and now many wedding rings made of this type.

Bob Siemon is the name of a Christian and a jewelry designer who designed the purity ring and most of them made of sterling silver. Signature of Bob Siemon purity rings is carved the words such as “Save by Grace” or, “True love will wait”, etc.

Heart ring, what can represent perfectly pure Things but “LOVE”? Heart symbol would be perfect for a purity ring and more suitable worn by women.

Motif ICHTUS / fish, ICHTUS is a name for Christian fish. You can see it’s widely use for T-shirts, stickers, bible cover, etc. it’s a kind of religious symbol of Christian

Hebrew rings, decorated with engraving such Hebrew writing as “Jesus saves”, “Merciful and Gracious”, Ani ledodi Vedodi Li, etc.

“True Love waits” ring, first appeared in 1933 from southern Baptist. This purity ring has signature of engraving “true love waits”, it’s also has inspired a Josh Mc Dowel released book of the same title.