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Promise Rings, Building Commitment with Them

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simple promise ringsWhen you want to make a commitment with your beloved one, you may need a special thing to make her believe with your commitment. Then you can give her special thing called promise rings. Usually the ring is given from one partner to another to signify a promise between both of them. It is include pre engagement, promise about marriage in the future, or even just promise of friendship to give support each other. Actually the tradition of ring as a promises tool began around 16th or 17th century in Europe. At that time, giving promise rings became a trend since it was symbol of love and friendship. Besides, there was another tradition which became common practice at that time. They exchanged poesy rings which usually engraved with various promise to lovers and friend. It was also commonly worn by bishop as a symbol of spiritual union with the church. So, if you want to get this kind of ring is it better for you to know some information to give you an idea about the ring.

Promise Rings For Her

Actually there are some types of promises rings which you can find in a jewelry shops. The first one is diamond promise which commonly used for pre engagement purpose. This type is related to the tradition of giving a special person a diamond ring during proposal. It can symbolize how precious that person since it also made from precious stone which also cost a lot. For a diamond promise the designer usually put special thing on the ring such as a heart shape in the middle of the ring. And also they engrave ideal promise rings for couplesspecial quotation on the band.

Promise Rings For Men

The second type is religious rings of promises. It symbolizes someone’s beliefs to religion such as Christian promise ring. Usually it would have a cross carved the band. And sometimes it can include doves and fish as a symbol which carved around the band. If you aimed that you won’t date anyone else except your girlfriend, you can give her a commitment rings. This type of ring usually comes in plain design.

Promise Rings Meaning

Then when you promise to married with your lover, you can give her a future marriage ring. This ring is different from engagement ring because it just stills promise and not an engagement or wedding plan. There is no particular design for this ring because it can be designed according to the request. For a couple who don’t like formality in their relationship such as marriage, they can buy forever rings. It is given as a symbol that they will live together forever without getting married. The design for this kind of ring is usually like a wedding band. And the last type is purity rings of promise, this symbolize that your partner would never doing sexual intercourse before marriage. It is usually given after a partner has been in relationship for at least three month. Generally it also has religious symbol in the band. Those are some information about promise rings. We hope it can give you knowledge so that you can choose your ring based on the purpose.