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Promise Ring Meaning, Predicting It When Your Love Gives It To You

Monday, September 4th 2017. | Nice Rings

romantic promise ring meaningHave you ever heard promise ring meaning? It is like usual ring but it symbolizes something else that can be valued by money. The promise rings are usually rings that are designed and used to bind a certain promise or certain relationship between two people. The promise ring is much like engagement ring or wedding ring but it is not used for specific type of ceremony. To predict the promise ring meaning, you need to know who gives the ring and in what purposes.

The promise ring usually means promise to marry you in the future but in less formal way. Engagement ring is also a promise ring but in more formal way. For example you have a promise to love your girl friend, you give her a promise ring as the reminder or the binding object to keep her belief that you love her. The promise ring meaning can be differentiated into several types according to the personal reasons.

Promise Ring Meaning For Couples

As the promise ring uses as the visual reminder the promise rings meaning should be clear in the purpose. For example pre engagement promise rings have ring meaning that both of you will get engaged to marry at a later time. This type of promise ring is used when the couples have not mature enough or come to the legal age to get engaged to each other. Other promise rings meaning that you can convey using a ring is like monogamy promise ring. It is used if the couples have promised and commitment to the relationship.

If you like to express promise rings meaning for  personal purposes, there are also various rings that you can use. Chastity promise ringromantic promise ring meaning for men has the ring meaning of remaining pure until they are married. It more to commitment than a promise. Sobriety promise ring has the promise ring meaning of staying away from alcohol and drug. This type of promise rings are given by parent to their children.

Promise Ring Meaning Finger

The promise ring meaning should be taken into serious matter because it is a promise and commitment of a person to other person. The ring meaning should be kept honest and noble. The promise ring is not always given by man to woman but it is perfectly okay if a woman or a girl gives the promise ring to a boy or a man. Friends are also exchanged promise ring to strengthen their bond. Example for this would be school graduation rings. Respect, love, and friendship are just few from the promise ring meaning symbols.

Promise Ring Meaning Wiki

When you receive a promise ring, it means you are special at least you are special for the person who gives you the ring. With the promise ring in your finger, the promise ring meaning that the giver expect would be the best relationship and commitment. When  you look at the promise ring, you will remember that you have something to keep and it can prevent you from doing something stupid toward your promise. When you lost your promise ring, your friend will be very upset.