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Princess Diana Ring for Your Inspiration

Monday, December 5th 2016. | Uncategorized

simple princess diana ringPrincess Diana ring, due to is beauty and popularity, is a part of fashion jewelry that can be a valuable inspiration for any special moment. Every woman always wishes for something special when it comes to talk about special moment such as engagement or wedding. Those moments are identical with the presence of a ring. A ring should be special because it carries a symbolic meaning that signifies the relationship between the couple. Fortunately, there are unlimited options of ring so anyone can opt for the one that speaks the wearer’s personality.

As Princess Diana ring is very beautiful and popular, many women always want to look like a princess by wearing such ring in their engagement or wedding. As a princess, Princess Diana wore an exclusive ring. The ring was made of gold and adorned with dazzling blue sapphire made of white gold. We do not need to talk about the Princess Diana ring price. Of course, the price is very fantastic. Because of that, many people can’t afford that kind of ring. If they really want to wear a ring with almost similar look as what Princess Diana wore, they can consider Princess Diana ring replica. However, of course, the replica ring made of different materials.

Facts about Princess Diana Ring You Should Know

There are some interesting facts that you can discover from the Princess Diana ring. If you are interested with the ring, perhaps you are also interested with some information behind the ring. In the royal family, there is actually a tradition to wear Welsh Gold engagement ring. However, Diana is an exception. She didn’t use that material for her engagement ring. Instead, she wore a ring made of white gold. On the day when Prince Charles proposed her, he actually did not bring the ring. He gave the ring a few days defining princess diana ring pricelater.

For your information, Lady Diana Spencer chose her engagement ring herself. The Royal Family’s jewelers, Garrard presented a number of selections of Princess Diana ring. Diana then chose the blue sapphire ring made of white gold. This ring until now is a valuable inspiration from world fashion jewelry.

How to Choose Ring That Look Like Princess Diana Ring

If you want to wear a ring that look like Princess Diana ring, consider a ring with a princess cut. This ring combines a square cut and a round cut. It is a unique type of engagement ring because the diamond is created with natural molecular structure. This cut results in maximum amount of shine and sparkle. Shape, proportion, and the facet arrangements are things to be considered when buying this kind of engagement ring.

As the alternative, you can also consider round brilliant cut. This cut also has similar look with Diana’s ring. However this kind of ring is more expensive than the princes cut one due to the amount of diamond used. Choose a ring made of nearly colorless diamond. To look like a Princess Diana ring, find blue sapphire to adorn the ring.