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Princess Cut Engagement Ring for Your Special Day

Sunday, August 14th 2016. | Engagement Rings, Princess Diana Ring

unique princess cut engagement ring settingsPrincess cut engagement ring has a special characteristics. It is very important to look for the nicest cut for the special moment in your life. Engagement is a further step of your relationship that guides you to a wedding. Many people are still afraid to make commitment into more serious relationship. Therefore, they who are brave to take this step belong to special couple with responsibility. Since engagement is a special moment, everything about it should be special too including the styles of the ring.

You must choose the rings that are not only beautiful but also match with your personality. Some people even order custom rings in which the rings are made to suit their love story. It is very nice, right? To get the best princess cut engagement ring is of course not easy. But you do not need to worry about that, since there are many ideas that you can choose. For your ideas, you can see some pictures of the ring in which you can find out that there are various cuts of engagement rings.

In affording princess cut engagement ring, however, pictures are not enough. You have to know the features too. The cuts and features will determine the price. The more unique your ring cut is, the more expensive the ring is. For your information, there are rings cost at million dollars because of its high quality material and exclusive cuts. With big square diamonds, this ring looks very beautiful.

The History of Princess Cut Engagement Ring

People hunt princess cut engagement ring because of some reasons. One of the reason why they fall for this cut of engagement ring is buy princess cut engagement ring enhancersbecause its history. History is always identical with value. People think that is they wear this kind of ring their engagement will be a history too. This ring appeared for the first time for about 30 years ago. This cut is the result of diamond cutting refinement for hundreds of years. It is inspired by Israel Itzkowitz, a kind of diamond cutter in Los Angeles. This cut is created by incorporating a combination of round cut diamond and the square one.

Many people say that princess cut engagement ring is unique because natural molecular style is used. This style can create the optimum amount if shine and sparkle. Because this ring has been existed in this world for more than thirty years, many famous people have ever used this cut for their wedding or engagement. That is why this cut is also named as a royal cut ring because it is often used in royal family.

Tips to Buy Princess Cut Engagement Ring

When you buy this kind of engagement ring, you must pay attention about several things. Things like proportion, facet arrangements, and the diamonds’ shape should be considered very well so you get the best ring for your special day. The clarity should be good. The color of the diamond should be G or even better than G. It means that you should choose the princess cut engagement ring that near colorless. You may also like to read this 2 carat diamond engagement rings article.

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