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Pinky Ring and Its Significance

Thursday, March 9th 2017. | Uncategorized

luxurious pinky ringHave you ever hear a pinky ring? This ring is a part of the jewelry fashion. Many people wear this ring just to follow the fashion trend. Actually, there are several urban legends and historical stories behind the significance of this ring. It relates to the song of Wu Tang Can entitled “Uzi”. In English, it means pinky ring. The lyric of the song is the evidence that this ring brings enough mystiques.That is why the term of pinky ring uzi lyrics is popular.

Above all, some people just do not care with all of the history is about. What they care is the fact the pinky rings are beautiful and fashionable ring to be worn in any occasions. People also love to wear this kind of ring because some celebrities also popularize this ring such as Gwyneth Patrow and Kirsten Dunst. Even, the have some collections of the ring.

Pinky Ring as Accessory and Allegiances

Fashion perhaps the primary and clear function of pinky rings. It is also the most possible reason why people love to wear this kind of ring. This ring is versatile meaning that it can be worn both women and men. For women, choose pinky rings design which is neutral and simple. OR, if you want to, you can adorn it with some dazzle. Meanwhile, this ring with diamonds or gold can generate a solid pinky ring for menfashionable tone for men whether it look hip hor or a little mobster. This ring also belongs to a unique fashion because of its size. It needs careful sizing to securely fit the fingers.

Pinky ring due to its rarity often used to show particular allegiance and status to a society or group. For example, this ring is used in some rituals followed by certain group to symbolize pride. For, a Scottish clan’s member, this ring is also regarded as a symbol of individual’s status within the Scottish clan. Above all, as mentioned above, most people are interested to wear this ring because it’s uniqie meaning that not many people wear this kind of ring.

Misconceptions about Pinky Ring

The fact that in the 1950s until 1970s era pinky ring were worn by gay men to show their sexual orientation, often leads to a misconception. Until today, men still think twice to wear this ring, afraid that they will be considered as gay men. Actually this ring is no longer a symbol of sexual orientation. Even, you look carefully at the details of the styles, the ring is so manly. This ring is made to cover up to four fingers look a lot like knuckles.

There is a bling in the ring. With this look, the ring can be called as weapons. For teh details, you can see big lead-cut bruisers, the signs of diamond dollarm and stacked rings. All resuls in a winning habd of blackjack. Do you what all these mean? It means that this ring is suitable for gentleman. So, stop thinking that pinky ring are only fey adornments and delicate.