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Pearl Rings, How to Get Best Quality

Thursday, August 10th 2017. | Nice Rings

unique pearl ringsWhen we want to buy something, such as a pearl ring then we will try to find the information or reference about it so that later we can get a quality pearl rings. With so much information from the article I read about pearl rings, mostly just talking about how to obtain or choose a quality pearl ring. But there is nothing to discuss about the value or price of a pearl ring that sometimes we do not know how much cost we need to prepare.

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In general, the value or price of a pearl is determined from the size and shape of pearls. But actually, the price of pearls on the market is very varied from a few dollars to million dollars per pcs of pearl. Quality of the pearls is not only judged by the shape and size but also of kind oysters or mussels it’s formed. The most expensive pearls are freshwater pearls produced shellfish from the lake. Here’s a pearl of the highest level of value to lowest:

  • Pearl white and pearl golden yellow from the southern ocean (Australia and Indonesia).
  • Black pearl from Tahitian
  • Akoya cultured pearls
  • Freshwater Pearls

If you want the pearl rings and conducting a survey to get the best quality pearl ring, is just not enough to compare two ring pearlsexpensive pearl rings with diamonds that look a like. To get the best quality pearls you also need to know about some pearl assessment factors: shape, size, color, surface quality, and luster. So, luster pearls do not always determine the quality of a pearl.

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Right now a lot of online jewelry stores or other online sites that offer pearl rings and prices vary. And that offers a lot of pearls with a very low price to attract buyers. No way have we got pearls good quality with lower price than the normal price. By purchasing pearls cheaply means we will get a low-quality pearls as well, usually pearl color will fade quickly and easily damaged. But there are still many people who are interested in cheap pearl luster and only a vote of the pearl, too bad if we spent our money on low-quality pearls.

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The following is some basic knowledge of pearls as a guide to get the best pearl rings:

  • One of the factors that determine the value of a pearl is a pearl surface, because the pearl formed naturally. Therefore, if you find defects such as cracks or hollows on the surface of the pearl, it is better not to buy.
  • Quality pearls will have a uniform sheen from different directions. Pearls should issue a different color when highlighted light from different directions or angles.
  • The easiest way to determine the quality of the pearls is to test gear that aims to determine the thickness of the nacre, the substance that forms the pearl. The test is done by rubbing the teeth pearly teeth, if it feels rough then it include natural or cultured pearls, but if it feels smooth mean imitation pearls or beads.
  • X-ray tests are next test to check quality of pearl. X-ray test was able to distinguish natural or cultured pearls with ease. Cultured pearls are usually has irritation on the middle.

Pearls are one of the natural treasures that are very beautiful and valuable. Pearl rings are very suitable for engagement rings or as perfect gift for your love one.