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Opal Rings, Short Buying Guide

Thursday, July 7th 2016. | Opal Ring

deluxe opal ringsOpal rings are defined as the unique ring and always provides the great design of engagement and wedding rings. It has been produced so many items to fill the demand of people around the world. This is the stylish engagement ring and wedding ring that can be special for your memorable moment. You need to have this kind of ring if you want to wear a diamond ring that feels different. It’s not difficult to pick one of the rings that absolutely yours. You can easily choose at both online and offline shops to pick it. But the most important thing is that you get the authentic ring for your own, furthermore choose the high quality one for you.

Opal Rings For Women

Since opal rings are not as hard as diamonds, you do have to do precautions to guarantee your opal doesn’t get damaged. Opals rank at about five or six on scale of mineral hardness, whereas diamonds rank at 10. That will put this into perspective. Opals are about the same hardness as glass. There are a variety of ways you can ensure the maximum security and durability of the opal. Comparable to opal engagement rings, it is best to consult the advice of experts before you go ahead and buying an opal ring. Opals Down Under creates countless customized opal rings, and offering men’s rings right down to a great art. Here are our tips to acquire the very best from the opal ring.

Opal Rings For Men

Look for a rub-over (bezel) setting. That is a cute “must” for men’s opal ring, as rub-over settings provide superior protection and to beautiful opal rings etsysafeguard your opal (Begin to see the above photo to have an example). A thin bezel of gold follows and covers the extra edge on the stone, protecting damage from impact, and ensuring the stone stays securely in position. Claw settings tend to be less secure, provide little protection, which enables it to wear off as time passes – specifically in rings.

Opal Rings Ebay

Boulder opal is harder wearing. Because of very hard natural ironstone backing, Queensland boulder opal is more robust and possesses an advantage over other types of opal. For just man’s opal ring, boulder opal is right. Black opals, crystal opals, and white opals are suitable, in addition to have similar hard-wearing quality as boulder opals. This can unusual ‘free’ shape, boulder opals also lend themselves to more creativity in design. Go with a stone that has a low cabochon (i.e. dome on top). Opals which have a high cabochon are more exposed and liable to impact damage, therefore if your stone carries a flat or low cabochon top, it’s unlikely to get damaged.

Due to the varying sizes of men’s fingers, we rarely stock men’s opal rings in-store, but rather prefer to have rings customized to suit you. Simply email us your thinking and we’ll promptly draw up some designs in your case. The price of your opal rings is determined by the kind of stone and setting you choose, and also the sized your finger.

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