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O Rings, All You Need to Learn About Them

Monday, April 3rd 2017. | Uncategorized

plain o ringsO rings we talk about here are not the O-rings used in static applications. The O rings here are the ones that usually used by BDSM practitioners. Commonly, people call this kind of rings “rings of o”. This jewelry is not very popular in the world. Those who wear these commonly stay in Europe, especially in Germany.

The name “ring of o” is actually refers to the name of one of the main character in the novel Story of O. The writer of this great novel is Pauline Reage. The author also wore such a ring when she wrote that story. In the novel, o rings are told to have similar looks to the signet rings which are created of polished iron combined with pure gold. However, these days, the rings we can found on the market are totally different.

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As for the meaning of o ring, it is also completely different from the one described in the book and what we acknowledge today. Pauline Reage writes that these rings are used by women serfs. Women who wear this kind of jewelry are required to be loyal to every man who joins the Roissy. Roissy is a secret society. But these days, these rings can be worn by anyone who is fascinated in joining BSDM, and who loves to wear it.

O ring is also referred to collars due to their typical shape. Also, they are worn on the neck. The way they are worn can represent strong o rings for gaugesdifferent meaning. If one wears it on the bottom of the neck, it means that the wearer is in a firm relationship.

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Let us now take a look at the designs of the o rings. These days, along with the rapid improvement of technology in the jewelry world, many companies work hard to modify and create new designs every year. This is because many people, especially young people, are craving for such rings. Calvin Klein is one of the biggest companies that produce this long story jewelry.

This kind of rings becomes gradually popular among people all over the world. However, if you are interested in purchasing such a ring, you may take some time to find a jewelry store that offers these rings. But if you browse on the internet, you just need a few seconds to know the places you can get such a ring from.

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Most o rings available on the market these days are made of sterling silver. But if you wish other precious metals like gold and platinum, you are also able to get it. Mostly, these rings do not feature precious stones as the centerpiece although it is very possible to put precious stones like diamond and sapphire on the band.

If you think that these o rings are not fashionable today, you are completely wrong. Jewelers combine modern designs so that those who love to wear such rings are able to make a fashion statement. As for the prices, they are inclined to be affordable for many people.