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Mood Ring: A Unique Ring for Unique Personality

Friday, May 26th 2017. | Uncategorized

simple mood ring lyricsIf you are a ring lover and like to collect many kinds of ring, then you should try to buy a unique ring which usually called mood ring. You may wonder why it is called “mood”. It is called “mood” because the mood ring can show the emotional state of the wearer. The ring will change its stone’s color once the body temperature of the wearer is fluctuated. The stone can change because it contains a thermo chromic element which can identify human body temperature. It also contains liquid crystal which can make the color of the stone changing. This unique ring was firstly found in 1975 by 2 New York inventors Maris Ambats and Josh Reynolds. They made an observation by bounding liquid crystal and quartz stones into rings. This ring was very famous back in 1970.

Mood Ring Colors

You can easily find mood ring in jewelry shops since now there are many types of mood ring which comes in variety of formats. You can also ask the jeweler to modify the ring with any shape that you want. You can engrave statement like “best friend” on the band or even in the stone. If you don’t have time to order for modification, you can directly choose the ring from the store which comes in varieties shapes like stars, squares, or even unique shapes like flip flops. You trendy mood ring wade bowenwill be captivated by the color change of the mood ring because it creates magical atmosphere to the ring. Usually it has only about six possible colors to change, but recently it has many more possibilities color change. The previous ring only has some colors like black, amber, green, gray, blue and purple. But now, there are many color choice like orange, yellow, pink, red, and white.

Mood Ring Color Chart

Each color change in a mood ring has its own meaning and definition. For example green. Green the ideal color which represent the calmness feeling of the wearer. It also means that the wearer is in a peace feeling. The green color also can change into the bright green which indicates interest and dark green which means that the wearer feeling alert. Different from the green color, the blue color usually associated with happiness and passion. Red and orange almost have the same meaning. It can represent the wearer excitement or anger. Orange also means that the wearer of the ring is feeling confused or nervous about something that they face. If you see your friend wearing a mood ring and it turns to bright pink, you get conclusion that the wearer is in happy and affectionate feeling and maybe he or she in love with you. Even though the ring claim that it can identify your mood, but actually the ring cannot tell your emotional feeling accurately since the color of the ring can change because of the weather factors. This kind of ring is very suitable for your unique personality so having this ring will add more confidence to yourself. Those are some information about unique ring which become trend in 1970. Hopefully it can add your knowledge about ring stuff, so you can enrich your ring collection. We are talking about mood ring now.