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Mokume Gane Rings – Unique Pieces from Japanese Metallurgical Art

Wednesday, March 22nd 2017. | Nice Rings

plain mokume gane ringsIt seems that everyone wants to wear a ring that is special, different from others. But the fact is that now a day rings are produced by machines in a large number at once. But still, you can wear a really unique ring. Consider Mokume Gane rings as they have special designs to offer. The concept of the designs comes from Japan. The makers are experts in the field, who ensure that you will never find anyone wears the same ring as yours.

You may be now curios about Mokume Gane rings. How do they look like? How much money needed for such a ring? Are these rings durable? Well, let us answer all of the questions, one by one. These rings are combination of some smooth metals. These metals need to be forged first before they can be shaped. Seeing that the alloy is smooth or soft, it is easy for any ring makers to create various designs. Yes, these days, you will see a large number of design options of Mokume Gane rings.

The process is actually coming from Japan, precisely about three hundred years ago. At the time, the alloy, the result of some soft metals, was used to create samurai swords. As you know, samurai swords are not stiff but they are really sharp. Mokume Gane rings are produced using the same methods. Even though they are a mixture of soft metals, they are durable. They can be worn for many years to come, just like samurai swords that are able to last many years.

The Uniqueness of Mokume Gane Rings

If in the past, Mokume Gane rings makers just made the best use of certain metals, now a day, along with the technology buy mokume gane rings for saledevelopment in the world of jewelry, the rings can be made by combining various precious metals found on earth like silver, gold, titanium, platinum and so on. In short, your choices are vast. Different mixtures can make different designs. In order to make the rings more interesting to look at, you can add some precious stone on the band like diamonds, emerald and sapphire.

Recently, Mokume Gane rings are gaining in popularity among couples because of their uniqueness. Couples usually purchase such rings for their wedding or engagement rings. With unique rings they try to say that their relationships with their partners are unique and different from other couples’ relationships. Besides, most of the designs of these rings are beautiful. As you know, women usually love something beautiful. Therefore, they would cherish to wear such rings on the special days.

Seeing the fact that Mokume Gane rings are originated from Japan, you may think that it is difficult to find them. But you know, it is not hard at all to find such rings. The beauty of the rings amazes many people from all around the world. In other words, there are many ring stores that provide Mokume Gane rings nowadays. You can also visit some online ring stores to get these rings. It is really easy to get the rings. Yoy may also like to read this asscher cut diamond engagement rings article.