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Mens Diamond Rings, Facts You Should Know

Tuesday, October 25th 2016. | Uncategorized

unique mens diamond ringsMens diamond rings have been very popular since many years. This kind of ring has been widely used for both engagement and wedding. Like women, men should always pay attention their appearance and performance in an engagement or a wedding. Although they are not such men who care with their appearance, at least they should respect their fiancée and families by showing all people that they care about the special moment. One of the ways is by making an effort to find the best ring. What metal is better that diamond? Since diamond rings are very popular, it will be interesting to discover some facts about this famous ring. In this case, we talk about the man-made one.

Why man-made rings are more preferred by many men? It is because men often try to please their partners by preparing high-quality rings. Man-made mens diamond rings can be customized based on the wearer’s want and size. It often happens when people go to jewelry store and try on many rings but no one perfectly fit on their finger. The only solution is to order man-made rings. This kind of ring is also chosen because it is less expensive than the real diamond and mostly called as synthetic diamond rings. Are you ready to find out some facts about them?

The Making Process of Synthetic Mens Diamond Rings

Unlike real diamonds, in which they are buried in the ground for thousands of years, synthetic mens diamond rings do not take years to make, even days. An advanced technology is used to produce synthetic diamonds in only several days. Can you imagine that? trendy mens diamond rings for saleThis fact is gained from the president of Gemesis, David Heller. According to him, to create a four-carat diamond, it only needs five days.

Of course since it is easier to create man-made mens diamond rings, of course the price is much cheaper that the real ones. For an illustration, you should pay $22,000 for a real yellow diamond in 1.36-carat. Let’s compare to the synthetic one. For this type of diamond, you only need to pay around $6,800. DO you know what that means? It means that by buying man-made diamonds you can save up to 66 percent. What a big saving it is. You can buy mens diamond rings cheap in mens diamond rings online stores.

The Quality and Visuals of Synthetic Mens Diamond Rings

Sometimes, synthetic or man-made mens diamond rings are also called as cultured diamond. So, you should not be confused when hearing this term while buying these diamonds in some particular companies because they may describe these diamonds using this term. Compared to the real diamonds, of course, synthetic diamond is less qualified.

Although the quality is quite different, the visuals look the same. Even, a trained jeweler sometimes can’t differentiate these two types of diamonds by just looking at them. They need a loupe to know whether the diamonds are real of synthetic. Unlike the synthetic ones, the real mens diamond rings are equipped with certification for GIA (Gemological Institute of America).