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Measure Ring Size, Easy Method To Do It Accurately

Tuesday, October 4th 2016. | Uncategorized

how to measure ring size menBefore you throw a certain amount of money for a ring, it is crucial for you to make sure that you have the exact size of your ring. For some people, determining their ring size is a difficult task to accomplish. Some end up purchasing wrong size rings and then resizing their rings. Resizing rings means spending more money. However, there is a great method to measure ring size accurately. If you find it hard to know your ring size, you will like to read the following information.

The steps to measure ring size are actually not as difficult as you may think. You know, you can make the best use of a piece of paper or a string of thread to know your ring size correctly. Let us see how simple it is determining ring size using the materials. First, prepare a piece of paper or a string of thread, a pen and a ruler. Second, encircle the paper or the string around the base of the finger you want your ring sits on. Third, take the pen and mark the point where the both ends meet. Fourth, take the ruler to find the length from one end to the other.

That is not the only method you can take to measure ring size. Here is another method you can follow. The steps required are also measure ring size at home easilyeasy to complete. First, take a seat in front of your laptop and browse on the internet for a printable ring sizer. This tool is not difficult to get since many websites provide such a tool. After you find one, set your printer to 100% before you print the printable tool. Make sure the scale is the same as you look it at the screen of your computer. Once you are done with it, just encircle the tool around the base of the finger.

Now, you need a ring size chart to convert the length you have already gotten. Browse on the internet and find a ring size chart that is acceptable in your country. This chart can be different from one country to another, so be careful with it. If you get the wrong one, it will also lead you to spend a huge amount of money for nothing. This ring size chart will help you measure ring size accurately because it is very detail.

However, there are some important things you should keep in mind when you measure ring size. Make sure you measure your finger at the end of the day when your finger is inclined to be a little bit bigger. This is aimed to get a little bit bigger ring too so that the ring you are going to buy will not too tight on your finger. It is also advised that you measure ring size on room temperature. If the temperature of the room in which you measure your finger is too cold, the size you get will be smaller. This will also lead you to get a wrong ring.