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Masonic Ring, The Meaning and The Symbol on It

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simple masonic ringThrough this ring of the freemason (masonic ring), someone can be said to be a member of freemason, it is one way that the members of the fraternity recognize other members in public.And those who witness this ring on your finger will bring a respect to you. Like the other simbolic rings, this ring binding of the person to a relationship or fraternity. Such as wedding ring that binds a person to other forever or as long as you want the relationship binds you. Created based on concepts embraced by this group, “eternity of the circle”,This masonic ring describing a natural circle that indicate a relationship between a mason and brotherhood. In addition, masonic ring also simbolizes the three backbone principles of masonic, they are love, relief, and truth.

Masonic Ring Meaning

Every part of ring has a meaning. Masonic ring has different background colors to distinguish where lodge he is a member of or certain degree of status in that brotherhood. The ring have red (belongs to Grand Lodge of Scotland), blue (belongs to Grand Lodges of England), green (belongs to Grand Lodge of Scotland),black, white, purple, and gold in color. And they have masonic symbol on a colored background or signet. The symbol is universal symbol of masonry, the compasserect at a 30-degree and the square, they are a representation of balance and perfection between physical and spiritual. The ends of the square point up to show human desire toward God; the points of the compass point down to signify perfection of paradise that God sent down to Earth. Then in the middle predicting masonic ring valueetched the letter “G” from GAOTU, Great Architect Of The Universe. A little about GAOTU, GAOTU has been used by members of religious groups to attack Freemasonry, but then GAOUTU enter into masonry since a French former of the church, John Calvin, calls the Daity “architect of the Universe” frequently in his book of theology. To continue the tradition of using that name, freemason use it as masonic abbreviation.

6 Rules to Wear Masonic Ring

So, if you decided to buy a masonic ring or start thinking of becoming a member of the Freemason, here are some etiquettes to wear the ring.

  1. Masons do not and never wear masonic ring before they accomplished their third grade. In short, only master masons wear a ring. It is a family tradition.
  2. It is not proper to wear more than one masonic ring.
  3. Usually, masons use the ring on third finger of their right hand. The opposite hand of a finger with wedding ring on it.
  4. Don’t worry about the correct way to wear the ring. There is no standard for this. Some said make the compass points pointing you to remind you of your obligation. Others said outward as symbol of your authenticity as a Mason.
  5. Never wear passed members’s ring in honour their memory, freemason seriously keep the sanctity of their brotherhood.
  6. Wear it with pride.

We are now talking about masonic ring. It has special meaning for their members. So if you wanna wear it, wear it carefully.