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Marquise Engagement Rings, Costumize Your Creative Style

Friday, August 5th 2016. | Engagement Rings

shining marquise engagement ringsChoose Marquise engagement rings for your best moment is a good thing since this type of rings are affordable, but the brilliant of the gems do not left. Moreover, the long length of the marquise cut will look bigger than it is, this indeed safe your money than buy similarly – sized gems in the other cut. Other benefit for consider is, this marquise ring will perfectly make your tiny finger look more slender.

Though the common marquise rings style is still beautiful and elegant with its simplicity, why do not you just try to mix the marquise cut with other stone cut?

Marquise Engagement Rings Settings

With creative style marquise ring you can customize your Marquise engagement rings with precious stones you like, maybe the diamond marquise cut add in the middle then surround it with smaller colored stone or a big diamond in a middle and small sapphires cut in the left and right side or add smaller diamonds cut along with the band.

But if you want to keep the traditional way to place the marquise cut in the middle, you can still style your engagement ring with two-tone ring. Choose more than a single type of metal then place your marquise cut in a common ways. Combine metals that look hitting like white gold and bronze, rose gold and copper, etc.. Beside you get elegant and simple ring, you also get unique ring for your special marriage proposal moment.

Also do not rule out the possibility of making mix marquise cut and two-tone ring together in your designed engagement rings.

Several Tips to Customize your Creative and Two-tone Style Marquise Engagement Rings

  1. If you want to make two-tone ring, choose metals you want to combine first. It is better when the metals in striking color. beautiful marquise engagement rings for womenAfter deal with the choice of metals, continue with deciding how the metals laced together.
  2. Prepare the pattern of your gems, then choose stones you want to add. Setting all of them like the way you want to good display.

How to pick the best marquise cut gems for marquise engagement rings:

  1. Look at the cut. The ideal cut will be not too long or too thick. The ideal proportions for a marquise diamond are that the length should be twice of the width.
  2. Pick the one with less blackened area in gems that called “bow-tie effects”, this effect comes when the jewelers cut the gems too thin. Be sure to check out the possibility of the existence of those bow-tie effects in a good light.
  3. Make sure the band has prongs that have capability to both hold the gem safe and well-placed. The ideal marquise diamonds are mostly held with six prongs – two prongs on each side of the diamond and a prong covering each diamond tip.
  4. Find jewelers who are capable of creating your designed Marquise ring. Blue Nile, James Allen and Your Engagement Ring are all Internet-based jewelers who offer a customizable ring-making.

We are now talking about marquise engagement rings that are so great to wear. They have beautiful design and comfortable to use.

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