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Knot Ring – Beautiful, Simple, and Modern Elegant

Saturday, August 13th 2016. | Knot Ring

simple knot ringDo you remember of your childhood?? May we used to play in the park, take a flower and put on our arms arm or finger to make a knot to hold it? That was first ring I made my self, very simple but also look beautiful with flowers and swept knot rings. The initial concept is the same knot ring I made in my childhood. Knot ring with the simplest models using only a circular ring band made a knot at the end. The difference with a ring handle which I made as a child it is has no end, because it also has a very deep philosophy about eternity, togetherness, and love without end. All the rings have the same value philosophy since the rings were created, but the ornaments that adorn the rings ring will distinguish the meaning of each type of ring.

Knot Ring Meaning

But do not first imagine a very simple knot ring then underestimated it. Who wants to wear a simple and uninteresting ring like that? Well, do not be wrong recently there are so many models of knot rings. Turned out to be a very beautiful ring could be created from a simple knot. Its also said knot rings is part of Celtic rings, mostly because both of them use the same knots to decorate the rings. Some of most famous rings knot types:

Knot Ring Etsy

Love knot rings, a beautiful simple knots rings which means forming knots as a symbol of love writing. Maybe that’s why it’s called “love knots”. Love knots made up of just a plain ring band made of gold, white gold, platinum, sterling silver, or other metal types. beauty knot ring goldBut, some love knot rings decorated with diamonds or gemstones. Normally gems lay on one node, between nodes, or the middle, as the central node. Love knot rings can also be set in channels or bezel setting to decorate around the band with small diamonds gemstone. Love knot ring can be enlightened only look with a diamond or other gemstone. Its also easily blend with your fashion, its can be look modern, casual but elegant.

Knot Ring Tiffany

Trinity knot rings, trinity is one of most famous Celtic symbol that often applied to Celtic rings. Trinity symbol also use in knots Celtic knots rings usually called rings. Trinity formed of 3 knots related to one another. Celtic trinity band is beautiful the way it is, but it’s more enlightened decorated of diamonds or gemstones. Puts diamonds or gemstones like ruby or pink sapphire flower and you will get to your Celtic ring ascent.

Swirled knot rings, its also can included to knot rings, swirled easy to combine with any gemstones or pearl. Its look more like our two arms holed a diamond or something. Swirled knot ring give modern and elegant impression. This ring can also set in pave, channel, bezel, or other ring settings.

After reading this article, you know how rich knot ring can be. If you need to look casual, modern, and elegant, you know knots rings is your best choice. Modified and decorate your rings with your or your friends birth gemstone, and its can be a perfect birthday present. And use some diamonds and platinum, diamonds knot engagement ring then will be perfect for your fiancée.

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