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Jessica Simpson Engagement Ring, How Does It Look Like?

Thursday, April 27th 2017. | Engagement Rings

buy jessica simpson engagement ringMany jewelers estimate that the price of the Jessica Simpson engagement ring is about 185,000 dollars. Yes, that is very expensive indeed. Considering the price, what comes to your mind may be that how the ring looks like exactly. What is it that makes the ring so expensive? Is the price worth it? Well, if you ask such questions, it is really not surprising. In order to satisfy your curiosity, let us take a closer look at the amazingly beautiful ring.

The singer showed her engagement ring for the first time in the Kansas City when she introduced her clothing line. She looked so happy that day. Fans predicted that her happiness that day was caused by the Jessica Simpson engagement ring the football player, Eric Johnson, gave her. Actually, the ring is not too big. You will not able to see it from a distance. But the design is really pretty. You may not find a ring with the same design as hers on the market today.

The Jessica Simpson engagement ring features a red ruby and two small diamonds. The shape of the ruby is oval. Accompanying the oval ruby, there are two small diamonds. The combination is perfect. The ring can create a fantastic effect. It is said that the ring was bought from Los Angeles. Neil Lane is the designer of the incredible ring. Beside it provides Jessica elegance, the ring is also classy.

How Much Jessica Simpson Engagement Ring Cost

As for the carat of the centerpiece, it is four carats. The cut is really unique since it is inspired by vintage cut in the early of 1900s. As cheap jessica simpson engagement ringfor the carat of the small diamonds, it is two carats. What makes the diamonds amazing is that they are cut using old European techniques. This is one of the main reasons why the Jessica Simpson engagement ring stands out. Probably, there is no another ring that is similar to hers.

The Jessica Simpson engagement ring was given by the football player after five months of dating. However, it is not only Jessica who is happy with the engagement ring. Eric Johnson is also happy to be able to give her unique ring on the special day. For a beautiful women like Jessica, spending a huge amount of money for a ring is not a big deal for the football player. With the ring on her finger, she even looks more beautiful. Are they really happy with their engagement? It seems that they together are happy to be engaged.

It is true that the Jessica Simpson engagement ring is not one of the ten most expensive rings in the world. But still, it can amaze many people, especially women, who take a look at the ring. When women stare at the ring, they may dream about wearing the ring. However, it is possible for you to have similar ring as Jessica’s. Of course you have to prepare a huge amount of budget first. And then, you can order a ring form Neil Lane in Los Angeles. You may also like to read this mokume gane rings article.

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