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Irish Ring: A Romantic Ring for Your Partner

Saturday, September 17th 2016. | Uncategorized

trendy irish ring toss gameAn engagement can mean everything for a couple who want to take serious steps in their relationship. By stepping in a serious relationship it means that you should be ready to share your life with your beloved partner to make a harmonious relationship. So, it is important to present special thing in your most memorable occasion like engagement party. You can choose Irish ring which has interesting history so that it will be very special when you can present it to your lifetime partner to be. So in this post we want to give important information about Irish ring which is considered as a romantic ring for the engagement party.

Irish Ring Meaning

Your partner will feel special if you can afford an Irish ring as the engagement ring. It has long history and deep in meaning which of course make this ring so special. Irish rings at that time was known as Celtic knot. It symbolizes an endless relationship. In the Celtic knot you won’t see the beginning and the end of the knot. It means that you should keep in mind that your relationship will never come to an end because you have the ring which can give the meaning of timeless spirits. The Irish rings which also known as Celtic knot also reminder of birth, death, and rebirth. It can be interpreted as a life cycle of a person. So Irish rings are not only beautiful, but also it has symbolic meaning. Usually in an Irish ring contains text written in Gaelic shining irish ring stonesand Celtic. It includes a special inscription which means love, friendship and also loyalty. For addition, the other inscription means love forever. You can also find the symbolization of soulmate. With those amazing meaning you will be sure that your partner will say “how romantic” once he or she know that the ring has deep meaning.

Irish Ring For Men

However, before you want to buy the Irish ring you should consider several things. First, you must select the types of the ring. You must extra careful to choose the metal since all design cannot work for all types of metal. For this kind of ring you can choose metal such as platinum, yellow gold, white gold and silver sterling. Second, you should select the types. There are many types of Irish ring such as Claddagh ring which is suitable for engagement since it symbolize love, loyalty, and friendship. Or you can choose Celtic trinity which features heart shape in the middle of the ring. And the last option is Celtic knot which have beautiful design just like a flower. It can remind the wearer of the ring to spring in Ireland. So if you want present a romantic ring for your engagement party, you can select the Claddagh ring which can symbolize love and loyalty so that your partner will trust you by wearing the ring on their finger. Those are some information about Irish ring; we hope that it can inspire you when you want to choose an engagement ring to your special partner.