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Irish Claddagh Rings Symbolize Love, Friendship and Loyalty

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luxurious irish claddagh ringsRings are admitted by many people from all around the world to have the capability of representing love and commitment. If you want to emphasize your love and commitment for your loved one, you will like to consider Irish Claddagh rings. This is because these rings have symbols that universally agreed to be able to signify love, friendship and loyalty. In addition, the designs of such rings have captured the attention of many people in many parts of this world.

Irish Claddagh Rings For Men

When we talk about the Irish Claddagh rings, we can not avoid taking a look at the romantic history of the rings. It was in the 17th century, the rings made their first appearance. At the time, there was a silversmith named Richard Joyce had a trip to the West Indies. On his way to get there, he was caught by thieves and then sold to a goldsmith. When he lived in the goldsmith house, Richard Joyce learned to how to create beautiful rings. And it revealed that he was a talented man. In the end of the century, slavery must have been removed. So, Joyce was freed. He was even offered to marry the goldsmith daughter. But he refused the nice offer and preferred to return to his native land. In his hometown, there was a beautiful girl who was patiently waiting for him. To appreciate the girl, Richard Joyce presented her a pretty ring. The ring was the first version of Irish Claddagh rings.

Irish Claddagh rings come to offer three symbols. The first symbol to mention is two hands holding each other. It is believed that the hands represent friendship. This friendship does not only between two lovers, but it more about friendship in general term. Givingdefining irish claddagh rings meaning such a ring to your best friend will help you maintain the friendship for a long time.

Irish Claddagh Rings For Women

Another valuable symbol on Irish Claddagh rings is the heart. Many people from around the world assume that the heart is representative to symbolize love. Also to note, love here does not mean love between two lovers merely. You can give such a ring to your friend or one of your family members to display that you love the receiver. However, usually many couples exchange Irish Claddagh rings to prove their love and promise.

Irish Claddagh Rings Boston

The last symbol on these rings is the crown. This crown is associated with loyalty. The Irish culture believes that loyalty is the requirement to maintain any relationship. Without loyalty, a relationship is nothing. Between lovers, loyalty means very much for making their relationship last for a long time.

The Irish Claddagh rings are more than jewelry pieces. They are able to reflect the characters of the wearers. So, if you have no idea at all on what kind of ring you need to give on your engagement day or wedding day, you may like to shop such a ring. With the symbolism the ring possesses, most likely your relationship with your fiancée will last as long as possible.