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Hilary Duff Engagement Ring: One of the Best Rings in Universe

Saturday, January 28th 2017. | Uncategorized

unique hilary duff engagement ringThe Hilary Duff engagement ring is considered by many jewelers from all around the world as one of the best engagement rings in the world. Mike Comrie the hockey player bought it for one million dollars in 2010. You may be curious how the extraordinary ring looks like. Well, it is actually a gigantic ring which can be seen a mile off.

At the first time, the Hilary Duff engagement ring was seen in Los Angeles at a well-know restaurant, Katsuya, when the two lovers had a dinner. She showed her ring and seemed very happy. Yes, she could not resist smiling as she displayed the ring he gave her. The pretty ring was purchased in Las Vegas too. It was said that it had a 14 carat diamond. And still, there were some small precious stones surrounded the band.

Hilary Duff Engagement Ring Size

As for the cut, it was a radiant cut. And you know, radiant cut is just like a princess cut. The cut is really great since this make any diamond can reflect beautiful brilliance. So, it was not surprising if many women from around the world talked about the Hilary Duff engagement ring. Many women want to have the same ring like hers.

Mike handed the jewelry when they together had a vacation in Hawaii. It was difficult to decide whether Hilary was happy to receive the ring or the proposal. It should not have denied that they loved each other. They were engaged after two years in relationship. According to her, the hockey player was a good guy. Even, she said that she had never heard anyone who could say something badperfect hilary duff engagement ring cut about Mike Comrie.

Hilary Duff Engagement Ring Price

After the Hilary Duff engagement ring was given, the hockey player made another surprise to his fans and hers. The surprise was that he had already bought a big house in Beverly Hills. The house was worth about ten million dollars. Wow, what a rich man Mike Comrie was! This house was aimed to be their home after they were married. Before, Mike had already bought her fiancée a beautiful car worth about $ 100,000. The car was a Mercedes.

So, if you want to put a similar ring to the Hilary Duff engagement ring on your finger, you need to find a rich hockey player like Mike. He not only knows how to play hockey well but also what women crave for.

Hilary Duff Engagement Ring Designer

Rings are believed by many people in most parts of this world to be able to symbolize love and commitment. If we take a look at the Hilary Duff engagement ring, we can conclude that the player’s love for her is also gigantic. The ring is also a unique ring. It is not easy to get such a ring. Mike needed some time to find the perfect ring for his sweetheart. Did she deserve to wear such a ring? Did he deserve to marry her? However, what we can do is to wish that their relationship lasts for a long time.