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High School Class Rings to Remember High School Memory

Tuesday, June 6th 2017. | Nice Rings

cool high school class ringsSome might say that high school will not be the same without any high school class rings on your rings. This tradition was started at West Point for over 170 years ago. The class of 1835 was having a class ring and the tradition soon continues to the later generation to the other school until today. The ring itself is usually taken a similarity with the signet ring, which is the ring that the Egyptian used and wore for their entire life even after their death. The class rings are usually worn on the right hand of the student. This ring will symbolize the spirit that the school has. Recently, students can personalize their high school class rings with the different stones to match their likings best. Gold, whether it is yellow or white, is the metal that is mostly used as the band while the center stone will both represent the wearer’s birthstone and school’s color.

High School Class Rings Collection Examples

There are a lot of designs for high school class rings that can be used as an example. There are a plenty of jewelers now that allow the students to put their own personality on the ring. This usually makes the ring offered only has a simple design, which is to give space for the student to express what they want to carve on the ring. The Chante of Signature Collection from Jostens, for example, still has a lot of rooms for the students to engrave their name, school activities, or any other messages on the ring. This ring is very suitable for women students due to its beautiful amethyst stone and white gold band. You can easily change the stone if you prefer it that way.

For the men, they can have a design that looks like a pro athlete rings, for examples. One example from the high school class rings for beautiful high school class rings for girlsmen is the Sheer Ice V11 of Achiever collection from Jostens. This ring will remind you of the baseball player’s ring with its simple yet strong looking ring. You can put your name or school name initial on the front of the ring. The other rings from this collection also allow the students to put a lot of other personalities to design the ring further based on their high school memory.

If you feel that you prefer to have an old school look for your high school class rings, you can try to take a look at a heritage collection from Jostens Jewelers as well. The Hercules H55 and Vanguard H50 are some of the products from this collection which is suitable for respectively men and women. Both of them can allow you to have a stone to match your birthstone or school colors as the crown. The Vanguard H50 can even allow you to choose two stone choices to be put on the ring nicely.

Choosing the Right High School Class Rings

The ring you choose now will be the symbol that makes you remember of all the beautiful high school memories. Even your college class rings will have a different meaning than this special ring. Make sure you put all the good memory graved or etched on the ring. Engraving your name on the high school class rings will be the best fresh start, so it can differentiate yours and the others better.