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Gold Ring, Getting to Know Which Is You Usually Wear

Sunday, August 6th 2017. | Nice Rings

trendy gold ringSince gold is considered as one of precious metals and also has great value, many people, especially, women like to have a gold ring. Gold also has an investment value due to its price usually increase which make many people buy gold for investment. Its form also various it can be in form of bar of gold but also in form of jewelry like necklace, bracelets, and ring. Gold which is used for a ring with the stone on it usually are 14k and 18k gold, it is very rare to make ring with stone from 24k gold. Here there are kinds of gold which usually used to compose gold ring.

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In particular, there are some metals usually used to compose jewelry such as silver, platinum, palladium, and gold. To make jewelries especially gold ring with a stone on it, commonly, many people use 18k gold and 14k gold though it is also possible to make a ring with 24k gold. Although these kinds of gold are not purely composed by gold but it is also offer good quality. 18k gold is usually composed by 75% gold and 25% other compositions. It is usually good or ideal to fine jewelry and also highly value. Besides, it has some strengthens such as longer wear, it is easy to polish and repair, and not easy to rust and tarnish. Because of these advantages many gold rings are composed by18k gold.

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In addition, gold rings also usually composed by 14k gold. This gold is almost similar to 18k gold but the differences are it is composedromantic gold ring bracelet by 58,3% gold and 41,7% composed by other alloys. Since this 14k gold is composed by less gold the price also is not as expensive as ring with 18k gold but it still have great value. It also has similarities in strengthens with 18 gold with more fair color if it is compared to 18k yellow gold. This kinds of gold likewise 18k gold which is good for fine jewelries especially gold rings.

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Actually, the maximum the purity of gold is 24 karat which is shortened into “k”. 24k is composed by very pure gold or 100% gold. For gold rings which are composed by 24k it is usually softer than 18k or 14k gold, it is even too soft to create jewelries and the color is more yellow compared to others gold under 24k. Under the 24k gold there is 22k gold. 22k gold is composed by 91, 7% and 8,3% pure alloy gold which is too soft for creating jewelries especially gold rings.

Gold ring is not only a precious jewelry but also offer great value. Gold is unlike other elements such as iron, tin, zing or other metals which are easy to rust, tarnish and corrosion, with these unique characteristics that make it is so precious and it offer higher value that other metals’ price. That is why jewelries and gold ring are more likely to have rather than other metals as their composites.