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Eternity Rings for Old Time Memories

Thursday, April 20th 2017. | Uncategorized

cubic eternity ringsMany times, couples are looking for the right eternity rings to express their long lasting love. Usually, it is the lady who wears the ring as a present from her husband. It is made from comprising metal like gold with a line of gemstones cut such as diamond to express their love eternity. You can trace back the history of since 2800 BC when Egyptians made and exchanged a ring shaped jewelry in circular shape, which symbolized eternity. It is started as a wedding ring which is put on the third finger of the left hand where the vein of love is located. Today, you can find husbands give their wives an eternity ring in order to express their eternal love. The ring is usually given as a trilogy: the wedding ring, the anniversary ring, and the special occasion ring. The special occasion ring is given in any special milestone in the couple’s life such as the birth of their first child.

Eternity Rings among the Jewelers’ Collection

As it has been mentioned before, gemstones like diamond, ruby, emeralds, and other gemstones circling the ring as a symbol of eternity. However in the real adaptation, the gemstone will only occupy a half of the ring only. The biggest reason of this new design is due to the cost; the “full eternity” ring will have the price that is twice or three times higher than the “half eternity” one. One of the jewelers that offer eternity rings online is H. Samuel. One of the collections of H. Samuel includes 9ct Cubic Zirconia Channel Set in the category of Yellow Gold Eternity Ring. circle eternity rings white goldThis ring is made of 9 carat yellow gold with half circled cubic Zirconia circling the ring. The diamonds are cut into little round shaped ones instead of the square ones.

The eternity rings are not always coming in a simple form where the diamonds circle the ring. This can be seen from another example of from H. Samuel is Silver Diamond Wave Ring. This ring has a bigger size in the front where some tiny little shaped diamonds adorn the piece. The diamonds are designed in a wavy contemporary design in which the stone is set on claw design.

H. Samuel is not the only one who has a huge collection of eternity rings. There are still a lot of famous jewelers who provide a big collection of these rings for you. Another example is from Ernest Jones, an 18 carat yellow gold ring which is adorned with seven little round shaped diamonds circle the band in half eternity manner. It creates a classic design with its pretty thick shaped.

Choosing Tips when Purchasing Eternity Rings

The first thing to decide when finding an eternity ring is the gemstone that will decorate the ring. While most of the rings use diamond, you can opt to pick other stones such as cubic Zirconia, amethyst, or ruby as well. You can pick it based on your fiancé/fiancée’s birthstone to make it has more eternity rings meaning. You should as well choose the metal type for the ring. Gold and platinum are popular among other choices, but you can also pick palladium for the cheaper option of eternity rings.