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Engraved Rings, A Token of Affection

Monday, March 27th 2017. | Nice Rings

simple engraved ringsIf you want to express something you feel hard to say in words, try to present them in the form of engraved rings. Throughout the history, rings with words engraved on it have been something that shows love, friendship, and affection. They can serve as a reminder of the important people you love and can be the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or someone’s birthday. Some people even choose to have engraved birthstone rings, which use the beloved’s birthstone as the center of the ring. Since it is engraved, you can easily personalize the rings with the words that represent your feeling.

Some Band Collections of Engraved Rings

Try to emphasize your feeling by adding your beloved’s birthstone on the ring is not something new anymore, but still sweet nonetheless. The gemstone is not necessarily big, but it can be a simple tiny cut to embellish the engraved rings more. For example is the Custom Family Birthstone Etoile Ring with 5 Stone Austrian Crystals. This one can be a perfect gift for your mother or grandmother with the choice of 5 gemstones to adorn the ring. The ring can be worn in any occasion you want, and the spark will look nice even for night events.

If you want to give engraved rings for men, try to give the rings that have a less feminine design. The great example is this Men’s Stainless Steel Tire Ring. The ring does not have any gemstone to adorn it, but the pattern that looks like a tire is definitely made for a guy to wear. It also uses stainless steel as the band material, which makes the ring more durable and stronger than the other deluxe engraved rings for couplesmaterial. Stainless steel is also good for those who have hypo-allergenic. It is one nice choice of a commitment ring for your special someone.

There are also some example of engraved rings that can be worn by both men and women. These kinds of unisex rings can be used as well for couple rings if you like. One of the examples is Men’s and Women’s Eternity Band with Engravable Stainless Steel CZ. The design is the mixture of the classic and the contemporary design in one ring. This ring can suit any occasion, from formal to informal events, in any time of the day. This ring is also perfect whether you want to make it as a commitment ring, anniversary ring, or other ring based on your special occasion.

Why Choosing the Engraved Rings

The engraved rings are usually more affordable than the usual rings since they do not always use big gemstones to adorn the ring. The materials are also much more durable and stronger than the usual ring’s material, which makes it perfect if you or your beloved one tends to break the ring easily. Even so, you need to make sure that the ring suits the style of the people you would like to give the ring. Some rings are also perfect for some special occasions or person only, so make sure that you consider all of those before purchasing your engraved rings.