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Engravable Rings Ideas for a Wedding Day

Tuesday, March 7th 2017. | Nice Rings

romantic engravable ringsPeople often choose engravable rings for their wedding because this kind of rings is beautiful and can add personal touch for the wearers both the bride and the groom. The engravable rings for couples also a sign of romantic relationship. Wearing this kind of ring is a way to commemorate this important and precious event. That is why instead of a plain ring adorned with diamonds or pearls, many couples opt for engraving their rings with personal message that make the rings different from other rings.

So, if you are in the middle of wedding preparation, consider to prepare engraved rings. Actually engravable rings are not only suitable for wedding. The idea to wear this kind of ring can also be applied in other events. Based on the event, you can have particular ideas on what to be engraved in the ring. For wedding, there are many ideas of the way to engrave ring. The ideas are for example engraving name, date, personal message, or inspirational message. Below are the details of each idea.

Engraving a Name or a Date as Engravable Rings Ideas

The idea to engrave name of the couples on the wedding rings is perhaps a common idea. Even so, this idea has a very deep meaning. There are two types when you want to use this engravable rings idea. First, the bride can wear a wedding ring with a groom’s name buy engravable rings cheapengraved on the ring, and vice versa. It is a romantic idea because the ring will link the groom and the bride. Wherever the groom goes, if he wears the ring, he is supposed to remember her wife because he can see his wife’s name engraved on his ring.

Another option if the couple’s name is engraved in the wedding rings. It means that in each ring there are two names engraved; the bride’s and the groom’s name. For more personal idea of engravable rings, you can also think about engraving your wedding date on the ring. The ring will be personal because everyone has different wedding date. Anytime you look at your wedding ring, you will remember how long you and your partner have been together as husband and wife. It will remind both of you of a journey that have you passed together.

Engravable Rings with Personal and Inspirational Message

When engraving name and date to a commemorate event like a wedding has been very common, why don’t you engrave something else? Personal message is a good idea. As a couple, of course there are some inspirational quotes that inspire your relationship. You can find ideas from poems, songs, and stories. Just pick the romantic one you like as the idea of your engravable rings.

Or, if you are good at creating beautiful and romantic words, why don’t you make it yourself? However, you should know that engravable rings price, due to its special customization is more expensive than regular ring. So, you should research which jewelry shops that can design your engravable rings in cheap price.