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Engagement Rings for Men, What do Men Think About It?

Sunday, August 7th 2016. | Engagement Rings, Men Rings

buy engagement rings for menEngagement rings for men are the most precious thing for the most of women. They want to symbolize their commitment and willingness to be a spouse through this ring. Wear their engagement rings every time and everyday is the way that they are proud of their love. But, what about men? Should men wear the engagement ring? Or should men have an engagement ring? There are pros and cons of men wearing engagement ring.

On the basis of the opinions of 8 men who were given a couple of question about engagement rings for men, 5 men said that engagement ring is necessary for men in order to show the others that they are serious with their betrothed. It also prevents the men to flirt with the other girls, since the ring has some sort of warning for himself.

Though they are agreeing with the engagement rings for men, but most of them think that men should not wear the ring every time and everyday like the women do. The engagement ring is a symbol, a promise, a formal agreement for future marriage, and a gift, but not the proof of their commitment to always love their betrothed. Keep her feeling, protect her, mutual trust and respect for each other are the ways to proof their commitment. In addition, men have many activities and hobbies that require them to take the ring off, like sports, trained, went to gym, or tinker with something. Many of those men also have extreme activities, such as rock climbing.

In the other hand, the rest men disagree with the engagement rings for men. You do not need physically symbol for your feeling if best engagement rings for men for cheapyou can immediately express it – by acts or words, they think. They also think that wearing engagement rings is depends on the personality of a man or if the couple have a deal to wear the ring each other.

Agree or disagree all of those men have their own taste in the design of their own engagement ring though. Simple, maybe with some minimalist pattern (like Celtic ring), and made of silver or white gold are the best design for them. Name of the couple also will be the cute engagement rings for men for the couple.

Some Suggestion for Engagement Rings for Men

1. Choose the ring that fit with the lifestyle. Is he a casual man or elegant man? Are his hobbies are build something, sports, or playing games and laze? Think about it and choose the best ring that is the easily removed and durable ring or flashier ring.

2. These are your couple ring, be sure to choose the same metal for the bands. You can talk and discuss with him what the best metal for you to keep the rings matching – though in different design.

3. Men like to wearing a simple engagement rings for men, but it does not mean the ring have no gemstone. Adding a little diamond in the middle, his birthstone, or whatever he wants, as long as it remains simple.

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