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Emerald Rings, The Brilliant Green

Monday, March 20th 2017. | Nice Rings

unique emerald ringsIf you like green or was born in May, you probably consider to have emerald rings for your engagement. This particular gemstone in a bright green color is known to be something that brings good luck in many parts of Eastern and Western. It also symbolizes rebirth and fertility, which are great for the new couple. A lot of celebrities are known to have one or two emerald rings. King Henry II owned a wide emerald ring at the time he became King in Ireland. Prince Rainier gave Grace Kelly an emerald engagement ring. Emerald itself, until today, is known to be one of the popular colored gemstones along with ruby and sapphire.

The Green Collection of Emerald Rings

A lot of varieties of the rings using emerald as their crown gemstones are in the market. The beauty and the popularity that the gemstone holds make the collection of engagement rings with emerald as the gemstone varied. One of the beautiful examples of it is Emerald Ring with 18 carat Yellow Gold Three Stones. As the name suggests, the ring is using yellow gold as the material. The emerald that is used in this ring is natural Columbian Emerald in 26.2 carat. Cut in round shape, the emerald is put at the center of the ring in crown design, right in between two brilliant 0.51 carat diamond. The combination makes a glamorous look in slight a traditional atmosphere.

Another brilliant choice of emerald rings is Genuine Emerald Engagement Ring with 14 carat White Gold. The ring is using emerald in a round shape cut. The 1.50 carat emerald which is supported nicely with the elegance of 14 carat white gold is also adorned with some tiny cut diamonds in baguette and round cut as the beautiful details. The Brazilian Emerald looks stunning as the heart of the solid emerald rings for menring and will easily catch any eye also if you decide to wear the matching sets.

As another collection example is the Emerald Ring with Two Princess Cuts. With its beautiful white gold as the material of the band, the deep green color of the natural Colombian Emerald looks stand out easily. The 1.85 carat emerald is cut into rectangular shape and is put at the center of the ring in crowned design. Two princess-cut diamonds in 0.37 carat are put in between the emerald. As one of the beautiful emerald rings, this one looks simple yet glamorous with the brilliant green and white become one.

What to Consider in Choosing Emerald Rings

Just like the other gemstones such as ruby, diamond, and sapphire, there are 4 things that you have to consider when choosing the emerald gemstone for emerald rings. They are the color, cut, clarity, and the crystal. A fine stone should be saturated finely and in vivid and bright hue. Emerald that is used for the ring should have hue in pure verdant green and also transparency in high degree. After deciding the gemstones, try to choose whether you like the band to be yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. All of them will determine how fine the emerald rings will be looked once you wear them.