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Emerald Engagement Ring, What Makes Special and Extraordinary

Saturday, April 29th 2017. | Uncategorized

green emerald engagement ringSince many years ago, diamonds have dominated the options of people when they go for jewelry. Because of that reason, recently people prefer to find and explore some innovative rings for their engagement rings. One of the ring types people prefer to buy lately is emerald engagement ring. They assume that emeralds almost have similar beauty to diamonds. Even, some believe that the precious stone possesses something magical.

Emerald Engagement Ring Meaning

Because of an emerald engagement ring holds beauty and uniqueness to offer, this kind of ring becomes famous. If we take a look at the history, emeralds in ancient times were usually used by royal families for jewelry ornaments. Yes, emerald actually has been in this world since many centuries ago. This long history is mostly assumed can deliver the message that the giver’s love for the receiver will last for a long time as well.

If you pay some local jewelry stores or online jewelry stores, you will see that an emerald engagement ring is available in a wide range of selections. Form the simple design one like the solitaire design to the most complicated design one are all provide style, elegance and beauty. Therefore, those who wear such rings on their finger will look way more beautiful that they really look. In short, if you want to surprise your fiancée and treat her as the most special woman in your life, emerald engagement rings are likely your great option.

Emerald Engagement Ring Settings

As already mentioned above, such a ring comes in various designs. One of the most popular design you can find on the market these days is the one with three stones of diamonds. This kind of emerald engagement rings is unique and able to enhance the beauty of any true emerald engagement ring historyfinger and any figure. The three diamonds make the emerald perfect.

As for the shapes of the emerald engagement rings, they are cut in various cuts including round emerald, princess cut, cushion cut and many other cuts. One thing for sure about all the cuts, they are pretty and any choice you have, it is surely that your sweetheart will cherish to wear.

Emerald Engagement Ring Vintage

What is the best metal for an emerald engagement ring? Well, it is not exaggerated that any precious metals are suitable for the precious stone. Be it yellow gold, colorless gold, silver, platinum or titanium, this kind looks matches with the metals. The green color of emerald is the cause of this amazing fact.

With such a ring on your bride-to-be’s finger, she will not only feel happy to put it on her sweet finger for the rest of her life but also she can makes a fashion statement. When she stands out in the crowd, she will be the center of the attention, no doubt about that.

However, an emerald engagement ring is not only best for a woman’s finger but also for men’s. The entire look of the ring can represent the character of men. Many men usually pick the ones that are able to deliver solid look.