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Dreamcatcher Belly Button Rings, History Behind It

Sunday, January 22nd 2017. | Button Rings

trendy dreamcatcher belly button ringsDreamcatcher belly button rings is a body decoration or jewelry which usually wear to decorate women’s body. Maybe some of you have not heard about dreamcatcher. Actually, the dreamcather is a tradition which originally comes from Native American tradition. It is kind of hoop with woven net. Now the tradition has been developed and decorated with beads or any decoration. Dreamcatcher belly button ring is not just a belly button ring but also it is also used as physical symbol for dreams or desires, and represents ideologies and spiritual principles of its native.

Based on the story of Native American the tradition of giving these dreamcatcher belly button rings to your close friend or someone you love. Your gift itself can be a form of the expression of our care that you show to someone that you give or receive the dreamcacther. Besides, it functions also to keep the bad forces away. Even though it is an ancient tradition and seems to be so simple but it contains deep philosophic about life and our natural world. This philosophic of life is represented in its design.

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Based on Native American’s belief, the circle shape of dreamcatcher belly button rings describes a circle of live that we have to preserve, at time when people destroy the earth it means they have follow the bad forces and ignore the good forces which put the world into disorder and unbalanced. While, this circle of live teaches us to always follow the good forces and we have to keep our natural world in balance and harmony in order we can live in this world peacefully. The web is described as a filter to strain the bad forces influence our live and to keep the good forces.

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From the decoration and the circle shape of dreamcatcher belly button rings itself. In its decoration it contains sterling silver feather,awesome dreamcatcher belly button rings sale precious stone and a crystal beads. From the design, the web in the middle of the circle represents that we are all part of the natural world. While, when we see the circle shape represent our mother who give birth to all of us is similar to the earth that we live on. We walk and live in this natural world on the planet earth, when the human put the world into destruction it means that they destroy their live. And the single gemstone represents the God—the creator of this solar system and our planet earth that we live on.

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Nowadays, dreamcatcher belly button rings become so popular and become part of fashion. It is not only used as physical symbol or a n ancient tradition of Native American but also as a fashion. Many teenagers or young woman use this belly button to maximize their appearance. Many celebrities and trend setters popularize dreamcatcer belly button rings as accessories. Since many celebrities use that dreamcatcher belly rings, it contribute to the popularity of dreamcather among the teenagers. Although it is a native tradition but it can be so popular now.

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